Jeff Levitz and Lauren Tyrell met while trying to find the perfect puppy and kitten, respectively. Although we can’t be sure this is a true story, it’s officially my new favorite “how we met” band story. Musically, they just get it so right. They sound very 60s retro without being at all contrived. A quick look at their pictures will bring you to pages of pea coats, beatle boots, vespas, and other classic symbols of Mod-ness and basically no real band pictures. They take the catchy hooks of the British Mod era and the spaced-out harmonies of American psychedelic bands to create songs that are cool, catchy and different. Jeff Levitz’ vocals on “When I Lean Into You” are reminiscent of Lou Reed in one of his better moods while “Karina” starts out with a raw little blues riff and finishes with a simple but grand piano melody placed over sporadic slide guitar and the repeated line “karina, karina, you’ve got the powers of love”. Even if 60s throwback isn’t your thing, I think everybody can appreciate the raw talent here.

DOWNLOAD: –> Puppies and Kittens – When I Lean Into You
DOWNLOAD: –> Puppies and Kittens – Karina

They’re playing September 11th at The Mountain Bar in Chinatown. LA Chinatown, that is.