MY PET SADDLE were awesome opening up for the Growlers. They are an awesome up and coming band. Colette had turned me onto them, but seeing them live was awesome. They’re still really young and fresh-faced but their songs sounded awesome and I liked the two lead singers and the energy that they gave off. They also had some elongated jams at the ends of songs which were excellent. Shit review of a soon-to-be great band.

THE GROWLERS. What am I supposed to say about the Growlers that I haven’t already said about 1500 times? I’ve seen them 9 times this year, and all nine times have been 150% awesome. New Years Eve was such a special concert (as was the Halloween gig before it) that I can’t in any way describe it for you – but you can just read all my old Growlers posts because the gigs were as per the usual – GREAT. What I appreciate about the Growlers is their ever-changing setlist. Of course, there are live favorites that we hear everytime like ‘Something Someone Jr.’ and ‘Acid Rain’ but they always manage to throw in some weird ones like ‘Kick The Habit of Dredd’ and ‘Nosebleed Sun Blues’ which was AMAZING and I don’t think I’d ever heard that one live before. I also really love their dedication to being ridiculous. Clearly, all the members of the band are mentally insane – in a very functional, artistic way, but they really are! The outfits they showed up in just made me laugh and it’s always a pre-Growlers gig ritual to guess what they’ll be wearing, although NOTHING (NOTHING!!!) will top the Halloween garb. Anyway, the Growlers truly are the greatest band on the planet right now. If you can’t see it now, you certainly will see it by the close of 2010, that is guaranteed!