This Valentines Day, instead of crying into my dog’s neck and binging on chocolate (okay….there was a little of that), I rounded up a few of my favorite ladies and we went down to 1822 Sunset Boulevard to Part Time Punks’ aptly-timed My Bloody Valentine tribute night. Each band covered a song or two from YOU GUESSED IT My Bloody Valentine and in between the PTP DJs played our favorite ear-drum shattering shoegaze, and have you ever seen people try to dance to this?. Hi-larious!

But the main reason I went was for THE MEEK! They are one of my favorites in LA and they don’t play too many shows so I try to catch them when possible. Not only did they cover MBV’s “I Can’t See It (But I Can’t Feel It)”, but also a fantastic little Icelandic band called SINGAPORE SLING‘s Life is Killing My Rock and Roll, which sadly was only recognized and appreciated by maybe 8 audience members. The set was unabashedly dark as always, the death-rattling tambourine just barely breaking through the iron fortress of fuzz and feedback. Vocals are shared by Jeff and Amy Lee, equally, well cool in that detached sort of way. To snootily compare them to one Jesus and Mary Chain, like the kids who looked like Jeffree Star threw up all over them were doing, would be lazy and trite. Who are you?! Get out! THE MEEK RULE!

mp3 | The Meek – Shooting Star