One of our favorite new LA bands, NEVEREVER, is getting ready to release their debut album, Angelic Swells, on the wonderful Slumberland Records (where they’ve released an excellent single, Blue Genes) on May 25th. Below you’re going to find the album artwork, tracklisting, and new MP3 from the record which I’m sure is going to be amazing. Behold!

1. Here Is Always Somewhere Else
2. Blue Genes [mp3]
3. Coconut Shampoo
4. Now
5. Young Runaways
6. Cowboys And Indians
7. 16th Wonder
8. Bitch Boys
9. Teardrop Tattoo
10. Young And Dumb
11. Underwater Ballet

For more info and to order (should be out by June 8th) go to Slumberland.

DOWNLOAD -> [download id="20" format="2"]

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