Just browsing Twitter earlier, and I saw a link to a blog post entitled, “The Implosion of King Khan & The BBQ Show” on Obscure Sound. I was immediately saddened, if this is actually going to stick, but here’s some choice quotes:

“This happened back in Australia,” said Sultan. “I mean, I patched things up there and thought we could make it until the end of the tour.” (Side note: the band’s three Korean dates in Daegu, Busan and Seoul were the very end of the tour anyway.) “But he’s really just an alcoholic,” and “I’m sick of the abuse. We’re not finishing the tour.” When I asked what would happen to the last two tour dates in Busan and Seoul, Sultan assured me that “I can play those shows myself. I write [and perform] 99% of the music.” Throughout our conversation, Sultan was completely relaxed and calm. He reiterated a few times that “I’m fine. I’m alright.”

I was witness the the implosion of a phenomenal garage rock duo whom I truly enjoyed. Khan and Sultan have been friends since the mid-90s, playing together since then, as well. Though it seems like this break-up is quite final, there’s always a chance things will work out between these two artists. Near the end of our conversation, Sultan explained that “Speaking as a friend, I just hope [Khan] gets the help he needs.”

What the hell? Find out the whole situation below, but this is awful: KK & The BBQ have their hands in many of my favorite bands and their friendship and working relationship was always something I loved but if BBQ is right, we here at NRBW hope Khan takes care of his shit so we can see him and his bands ASAP.


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