Balkans have just released their ‘Georganne’ 7″ and it found its little way into my greedy, waiting paws.

Bill Spills is short as fuck (1:15!) but gets to the point with time to spare – it’s all whirling guitars and the same vocals that I love so much in the Soft Pack and Let’s Wrestle are the same kind utilized by Balkans – kind of distant, stranger-in-black-watching-you, haphazard yowling – basically, all around brilliant. Balkans give off a real American-Let’s Wrestle-vibe.

Leopard Print is also a short one, coming in at 2:15, is just as stomping as Bill Spills and Georganne. Plenty of guitars to go around, but there’s something more there than just a couple of dudes twanging on their guitars for a few minutes. That said, the thing that I criticized LA contemporaries, Wounded Lion, for was that it was just garage-rock-by-the-numbers kind of retreading of ground, which is something that Balkans could probably fall into if they wanted, but there’s something more enchanting and immediately interesting about Balkans.

This is a great little slice of rock, fun and quick. Only time will see what else can come out of Balkans, whether or not they get trapped in the garage-rock mentality of short, pointless songs on a million albums on In The Red, but god – we hope not. Give us more of this, Balkans!


mp3 | Balkans – Georganne