Welcome back to our first coloumn that we ever started for this blog, for one of the bands we truly love the most. Black Lips Singles Club returns with the full live performance that ended up being called Live at Rob’s House. A great show and live recording for any Black Lips fan featuring a great King Khan & The BBQ cover which doesn’t get played live much these days and mainly the early shambolic tracks. It’s pretty freakin’ rad.

01 Too Much In Love
02 Oh Katrina
03 Born To Be A Man
04 Five And Ten
05 Boomerang
06 Ain’t Coming Back
07 Sea of Blasphemy
08 I’ve Got an Uzi
09 Stranger
10 Not A Problem
11 Hippie Hippie Hoorah
12 Take Me Home (Back To Boone)
13 Make It
14 MIA
15 Dirty Hands
16 Workin’
17 Juvenile
18 Freakout