Photo Courtesy of | Ryan Muir

Welcome back to another edition of Classics. Now I’m aware that it’s only the second one, but it’s Chuck Berry again! Maybe I just need to turn this into a Chuck Berry weekly post — who knows, it’s been on my mind.

This song has been repeated all summer since I discovered it off the great Johnny B. Goode: Chuck Berry Complete ’50s Chess Recordings album that I started slogging through earlier in the summer. Unlike most of the songs on his most purchased compilations, this song is a nostalgic and heartfelt account of his brief love affair with a Spanish-speaking girl in Baja California. This song, however, does follow in the tradition of ones like ‘Memphis’ and ‘Havana Moon’ in their very straightfoward, yet sublimely revealing and intricate song-writing styles. Although I love the Berry that gets me dancing like I belong in 1958, I’m very much into the more tender side of his early years and ‘La Jauanda (Espanol) is a pretty perfect example of this.

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