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So it’s that time again, CMJ 2010 is here. Not only do I consider it a homeless man’s version of SXSW, but after my experience at the homeless man’s homeless man version of SXSW here in Brighton called The Great Escape, I’m not sure I’d ever attend CMJ. However, many people do – and it’s in my new favorite place in the world, NYC, obviously – and I thought I’d just go ahead and recommend a few of the 1200 bands playing for your listening pleasure. See below:

01 Ty Segall :: Go fucking see Ty Segall already, if you’ve never seen him, not only do I pity you, but I really question your taste level, Project Runway style. Ty melts faces with his extremely loud, chaotic, hyper catchy tunes on a, let me repeat this, wonderously loud level. Not only is he one of the most talented kids on the block, making the rounds, but he’s so fucking good live. If I remember correctly, his drummer makes scary faces. You’re warned.

02 Golden Animals :: Where the fuck has this band been all my life?! Having caught them at Psych Fest 2009, and then again in LA during one of their Silverlake Lounge Residencies, I’ve been seriously wondering where they fell off my radar but obviously, they’re back. The duo, who have a wonderful affinity for drug rugs and other insane/homeless/glittery stage garb, craft impossibly awesome desert-tinged psych jams that are wildly infectuous. Live, they’re loud as fuck and impress a really wonderful energy upon everything they do – they’re super in sync and always look like they’re having a great time. The dude slays hard on guitar, as well.

03 The Blow :: The Blow also kind of fell off the face of the earth, but I still love this bitch so much. Her voice is ridiculously clear and perfect, effective and not overwhelming. As a lyricist, I really hold her in incredibly high esteem – ‘True Affection’ is one of my favorite love songs of all time. She crafts such astounding songs. The Blow is a massive treat and I wouldn’t miss her if I had the option.

04 Audacity :: These young punks rock the fuck out of everything they touch. I feel really hopefully about this OC band, not only because they really jammed out the last time I saw them at the Echo, but because they’ve got soo much potential, which I’m sure is such an annoying thing to say but they look really young and have some really intensely catchy and noisy songs — I think they’re gonna go somewhere. If you’re looking for the band to watch as they keep on keepin’ on, this is the one.

05 Eternal Summers :: This Virginian duo wrote one of my favorite songs of this year (well, not sure when it was released) ‘Fall Straight Back’ and it’s so fucking perfect for fall. They make seriously woozy and timeless pop jams filtered through a kind of like Virginian-beautiful-backwoods lense. They just released their debut album, ‘Silver’, which I haven’t given enough love yet – but I reckon things are going to kick off for them after CMJ.

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