What’s up, Michigan? I’m pretty sure that before this moment, right now, the last time I thought about Michigan was like, 2005 when they played the Rose Bowl or something. Not sure if I should say thankfully, but Ann Arbor’s Man The Hunter has brought the Great Lake State back into my mind. For the past 3 minutes, I’ve tried to google this band (my research methods are the greatest) to find out anything and I’ve come up completely empty handed. This leads me to believe, along with the fact that they’ve got 20 friends on myspace, that I’ve obviously discovered them. Not really, I think Tweaking Trays gets that honor, but I’m on the bandwagon early, damnit. ‘Less For You’ is a fucking good find, though. It fulfills all my criteria for songs: bright (this English weather gets me down); immediate (no longer wasting time trying to ‘get’ bands – I’m looking at you, Panda Bear); surfy (I got that weak California blood); fun (I’m here for fun, always winning); and a touch of fuzz (yep, still on the lo-fi train). So let me repeat, without all the useless facts about the author, bright, surfy, immediate, fun and fuzzy. This song reminds me a lot of if Cloud Nothings was from a more boring state (didn’t think it was possible) but keep Man The Hunter on your radar, or let me do it for you. This shit is great.

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