What is wrong with me? Two great bands from Canada in one week? This time is Sydney, Halifax’s Mess Folk whose hometown is consistently referred to as a shithole. So you know that means they have to make good music to be acknowledged by anyone, let alone us. I really don’t know a whole lot about Mess Folk, other than that it was one guy, Phillip Tarr (last name: real), who recently (not sure how recently) put together a full band. I also know that the one track that I have of them is pretty much everything I look for in a band: immediate, grimey, snarled, hilarious, and fucking awesome. ‘You’re Too Pretty (I Want To Kill You)’ has been on serious repeat over here at NRBW HQ, I’m completely and utterly infatuated with this shambolic mess of incredulous awesomeness. I’m working on getting more Mess Folk shit, and let me just riff for a second on why it sucks that everything I like recently is practically too small to be put up anywhere and I’m broke as a joke, so I’m just gonna have to pony my shit up and pay for this because it’s that awesome.

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