A while ago, we introduced you to Joesph Pruitt, of the fantastical Family Tree’s who most certainly released one of the best songs of the year, and his solo project Son of Rams. His work in Family Trees has a beautiful hazy, summery sound which Pruitt ditches in Son of Rams for something more wild. Each song off of his Frolicks In The Pink EP (which you can get for free, and his other Untitled album, too, at his website) is a great little (they’re all short and catchy as fuck) weird-psych jam featuring some sick guitar. My favorite right now is ‘Boost Up’ which is best played loud — which is a fast and furious, wicked guitar ripper with Pruitt’s almost irritating, incredibly sprightly vocals. If after two listens you’re not yelling “Boost up the room” or doing some kind of weird voodoo doll dance to the solo, I’ll be damned. This dude has a ton of talent and both his bands are definitely ones to watch. Snoozing not allowed on this rad stuff.

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