Been wavering over making this post, but I’ve also been revisiting this album kind of a lot recently. When I was a younger person than I am now, I was a Civil War dork. I was obsessed with it. It was my favorite part of History every year, and in high school I would always leave school about noon-ish and go to Barnes and Noble and read Civil War books, and sometimes I’d read really weird ones. People always gave me weird looks. So, when I was 14 or whenever Cold Mountain came out, it was my favorite movie. Of course, I bought the soundtrack on CD and have listened to it in cycles up until this day.

Now let me make this seem at least a little bit cool. It was a great soundtrack that featured a lot of Jack White interpretations of the songs of that day, some really great original score, some of Tim Eriksen interpreting Appalachian songs, and also some more modern songs that fit in really beautifully. Besides having the great Jack White on it, the whole thing was produced by T Bone Burnett. Therefore it’s automatically cool.

White’s contributions are super cool: the banjo driven ‘Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over’ which I swear will get stuck in your head for at least twelve months; the trembling, beaten down ‘Wayfaring Stranger’; the somewhat upbeat, twangy jangling ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’. But he has two songs that are just ridiculously good. The first, ‘Never Far Away’ is a beautiful composition that sort of wanders along driven by something really tender in White’s voice. ‘Great High Mountain’ starts with a sort of melancholy fiddle that turns into something a bit more joyful and hopeful – there’s a real twang to White on this one, and it rules. Also, I’m throwing in for good measure Alison Krauss’s (before she did that album with Robert Plant) ‘The Scarlet Tide’ is quiet, it allows her incredible voice to weave a really depressing story, but it still is excellent.

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