I recently tweeted that I am instantly more open to bands with ‘Pizza’ in their names. Therefore, you’re gonna get a good review of Personal and the Pizzas. Hailing from New Joisey, these slick-haired, pizza-loving dudes make the kind of schticky, blatantly fun garage rock that I think has turned some people off. If you don’t like a schtick, you won’t like these dudes – they’re all “ayyyy” and “brass knuckles” and Pizza, I mean their 2010 album was called “Raw Pie” — but I fucking love it. ‘Toss That Pie’ off Florida’s Dying compilation Party Platter is the best slice (punning!) of Monks-esque garage rock that I’ve heard in a while. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you download this — and you should.

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