It’s pretty well documented how much I love the Babies! They are seriously the best band and I cannot wait for their LP to drop in February. Thank god for me, they’re doing a little West Coast tour with the great White Fence. Besides digging Tim Presley’s every day outfit (Darker My Love) and his side outfit (The Strange Boys), I adore White Fence’s super 60s garage melodies and I’m also way stoked for his second LP which will be released soon as well. We’ve got two LA dates and you can guarantee that I’ll be at both. Check out the poster, the dates below and some tunes. You’d be a fool not to.

The Babies + White Fence West Coast Tour

January 7: The Holland Project | 30 Cheney Street, Reno, Nevada, 89501
January 8: The Hub | 4913 47th Ave Sacramento, CA 95824
January 9: Hemlock | SF
January 13: The Women House | LA
January 14: The Smell | LA

January 15: Tin Can Ale House | 1863 5th Ave (between Elm St & Fir St) San Diego, CA 92101

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