These Costa Mesa dwellin’ TRMRS (pronounced ‘tremors’) are not super far off from their friends/city-mates (and, ahem, my favorite band) The Growlers. I know they won’t like me saying that. That said, these dudes are probably not going to get a single review that doesn’t mention the Black Lips — but it’s more than just the fact that they play some pretty unruly, uproarious garage/surf/trash/pop. Getting to see them live two and two-thirds times at SXSW, includinng one and one-third times at the fantastic Eruption of the Real, I can say that anything that you like on their record, Sea Things which was released in November, you will like a thousand times more live. Detractors will inevitably say that it’s all been done before, but live, it’s loud as fuck (although, their semi-acoustic sounded awesome — more on that later), sloppy as balls, dressed in some of the greatest, most ridiculous clothes — and a little bit of that ‘it’ that make Black Lips the best — I think they might have been the coveted Favorite Discovery of SXSW 2011. Check out ‘The World‘ off their album below and get on board. Really, it’s mandatory.

mp3 |TRMRS – The World