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I didn’t really write too much about the OFWGKTA show that I caught at SXSW at VICE’s late-night Saturday party. Mostly it was because I was one of the biggest hot messes that night, and had been drinking all day. Any late night SXSW coverage has to be alcohol influenced, no? But nonetheless, Odd Future put on one of the craziest and best shows that I saw, so when I heard that they had been added to the Camden Crawl 2011 lineup, I couldn’t have been more excited in any way shape or form. We all know that anything OF related overruns the internet now, but it’s for good reason – these kids fucking rip whatever they do a new asshole.

Anyone who has seen footage of their SXSW shows (or any of them, really) knows that they go balls to the wall, hard every time they play. The likelihood that someone will get their skull busted or nose broken is like, 100%. What I loved most was being able to head bang the fuck out of everything and do that one hand in the air motion constantly. They of course did all the hits, and I’m assuming that they will at the Camden Crawl show as well. I want to hear 64 by Mellowhype (if you haven’t seen that Fuel TV video — do it now) the most. Here’s a truthful warning: this shit’s gonna be out of control in terms of line, crowded/sweatiness, likelihood of death but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth it.

mp3 | Hodgy Beats – Alright

(ps. I used that photo above because obviously I’m in it two people to the right of Tyler, The Creator. Oh yeah. #vanity)