Damn, I can’t believe I waited this long to check out Guadalupe Plata. These creepy Spaniards do punk-blues better than anyone I’ve heard recently. Weirdo guitar riffs, sweaty chants, so much good Delta blues, all mixed through a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins filter and it rules so hard. A lot of people have compared them to that other garage-blues boy-girl band, but this is way better. These dudes played at SXSW, so of course I missed them — but I imagine their live set rips fucking asses to shreds. My current favorite ‘500 Mujeres‘ is brash and sexy, sung in Spanish, and blows the balls off of everything else trying to do the same thing, that I’ve heard in a long time. They’ve got two albums (Guadalupe Plata EP and the aptly named Guadalupe Plata LP) worth of similarly blistering, down home swamp rat blues that knocks other punks into bogs and stuff. For some unkown reason, both their albums are available via their bandcamp.

mp3: Guadalupe Plata – 500 Mujeres