Stop the mother effing presses, y’all! Our buddies at Rollo & Grady just broke the news that King Khan, Demon Claws‘ Jeff Clarke and his girlfriend Emily, the Spits‘ Sean Wood, and the Sadies are forming a Kukamonga Death Cult country western band and record an album. KhanWood Clarke is the official name of this band, and I know that this will be awesome. Of course, they’re gonna need some help to do it. They’ve got a Kickstarter going and it’s probably in the best interest of all if we all donate. If you donate $10, you get 6 shit hot country songs; if you donate $20, you get the songs & a phone call from one of KhanWood Clarke as a thank you; and if you donate $100, you get a custom song with your name in it! Woah. They’ve given two new demos out and ‘Dirtiest Girl‘ is a super gem. Quiet and finger-picked, it tells the story of some slut with a golden heart who always returns to her man, even after fucking every man in a 65 mile radius or whatever. It fucking rules though, as does pretty much everything King Khan touches. So, donate, or listen, or whatever you can and let us all hope this gets off the ground.

mp3: KhanWood Clarke – Dirtiest Girl