So forever ago, when I thought a good use of my time was to be trolling through bandcamp to pretend like hours of listening for one really good band, I stumbled across The Migs. I downloaded them originally because they reminded me of Migaloo who is the only albino Humpback Whale but also, the middle name of my best friends car. By some happy coincidence, they also rule. This New Hampshire trio are probably one of the very few excellent bandcamp discoveries I’ve made, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their wonderfully shambolic songs. ‘Follow Me Home‘, off a collection of demos you can grab off their bandcamp, would have no trouble finding itself lumped in with pretty much everything on Nuggets. If rollicking, ‘ooh-wah’ soaked blues garage punk is your thing, as it is pretty well documented that it’s mine, then you’ll love the Migs. No word on releases or anything, but keep these dudes on your radar, and Burger Records, put something of theirs out please!

mp3: The Migs – Follow Me Home