Although Brighton, I guess, is technically a beach town, anyone who has ever been to a climate that has more than 50 days of sunshine would probably declare Brighton’s position on the seaside pretty irrelevant due to terrible weather. It’s also the weather that is probably the culprit for the lack of lo-fi, beach inspired, 60s doowop pop stuff that comes out of this town. However, this brand new band called The Teen Velvettes emerged to us via our friends over at Can’t Hear My Eyes and I pretty much can’t get this little ditty, Everyone’s Got Someone But Me, out of my brain. This is all smooth business, the clicking heels of saddle shoes, swishing skirts, burger joints and leather jackets — of course with the trademark lyrically sad undertones. Clean and modern surf pop never goes wrong in my books. Imagine a little bit of a more upbeat, surfy Shimmering Stars and you’re not too far off point. Let’s hope they play Brighton immediately.

mp3: The Teen Velvettes – Everybody’s Got Someone But Me