Keen readers of the blog will recognize every single one of these names playing on August 23rd, this coming Tuesday, at White Heat @ Madame Jojos in London. Sex Beet, Jerry Tropicano and The Castillians are absolutely three of my favorite garage-rock bands that come out of the UK. I have seen Jerry once, and was suitably impressed and have a long documented love of seeing Sex Beet live, as they never disappoint. But, really, it’s Birmingham’s the Castillians who I’m looking forward to seeing the most. I’ve never caught them live but have been obsessed with them since the second I heard them. If I haven’t mentioned it enough yet — their debut LP will be out later this year and I absolutely cannot wait. To see the best of English garage-punk for a fiver is a sweet deal & I will see y’all there.

mp3: The Castillians – I Don’t Wanna Kiss You Girl
mp3: Sex Beet – Dreams
mp3: Jerry Tropicano – Christmas Line