I’ve recently found myself completely and utterly engaged with all of Ken Burns‘ documentary work, moving through his 2000 documentary on the American institution of Jazz. Besides being indelibly compelling and thoughtful and well researched, I’ve had my ears opened to lots of really excellent jazz. It’s made me realize that I love Harlem Renaissance-era Jazz, swing, and all that — but white person, Kenny G jazz is bullshit. I have been listening to multiple version of They Can’t Take That Away From Me, but this live version with Billie Holiday on vocals backed by Count Basie’s Orchestra is incredible. Besides being as melodic and beautiful as the original, Billie Holiday’s vocals are incredibly love-lorn and warmly romantic. The magic of this tune lies in it’s live recording. Grab it below, but also nab the beautiful duet of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald together, doing an incredible, melancholic recorded version of this classic.

mp3: Count Basie Orchestra featuring Billie Holiday – They Can’t Take That Away From Me (Live at The Savoy Ballroom)
mp3: Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – They Can’t Take That Away From Me