Let us all pray to whomever that San Francisco’s The Symbolick Jews don’t go down the route of the Muslims and pussy out on a great name.Their latest album, Slave To Love which you can grab from their bandcamp, is a really wonderful kick in the fact of pop-punk, power thrashers with weird dude vocals and nice chick vocals. It is a sloppy, coherent album that will definitely improve the rest of your 2011. Friendship Bracelet is my favorite off of the release. I’m intoxicated by the weird little guitar riff after the made-to-shout-along-to line “I know you don’t wanna check me out”. Grab it below and revel in the sort of Icky Boyfriends/Chain and the Gang vibes that the Symbolick Jews have got running on this little jam.

mp3: The Symbolick Jews – Friendship Bracelet