From the decline of the OC’s Japanese Motors comes Alex Knost’s new band, Tomorrows Tulips. I wrote about their first cut, Eternally Teenage, and have loved the band ever since. They’re having their first casette entitled Eternally Teenage come out on Burger Records, and I would highly recommend picking up your copy before they’re gone. Off the cassette we get to stream Casual Hopelessness which is as simple as it is straightforward and casual but that’s no criticism. I love the effortlessness, I love the line ‘I don’t wanna be a vampire anymore‘, and I love the ease of the riff, and while it’s nothing I’ve never heard before, it’s still worth a listen. Given the two songs I’ve heard by Tomorrows Tulips, I’m looking forward to more.

Tomorrows Tulips – Casual Hopelessness by BurgerRecords