Although I’m not in Brighton at the moment, and although I’m enjoying LA thoroughly, I’m somewhat excited to get back. If I was in town though, I would be headed to The Green Door Store for the new Vice night that features both Milk Maid and Jerry Tropicano. Both bands have become bands I truly love this year. Fat Cat’s Milk Maid do that effortless, breezy 90s throwback jams including Such Fun which is truly an apt name for the cut. Jerry Tropicano though, if you have been following this blog you’ll know, is one of my favorite newcomers of this year. Starting 2011 off in a Swedish prison didn’t hold this band back as they’ve become one of the most underappreciated, tightknit garage groups that mix heavily 60s influenced garage with lighter and more sparse jams. Having seen them multiple times, I’m just so impressed on the improvement of each show. Danny also has the best moustache in British music. Get down tonight it’s only 5 quid on the door and our bffz Sex Is Disgusting is DJing.

mp3: Milk Maid – Such Fun
mp3: Jerry Tropicano – 19/4/89