Fucking FINALLY, you guys. First of all, I am terrible at keeping secrets. I almost once ruined N.I.N’s final show at the Echoplex by telling someone, so you’ll be incredibly impressed that I kept Toto & The Bad Eggs a secret for so long. I can only call Toto & The Bad Eggs a super group as it’s Jerry Tropicano on improvised vocals, Mark (Brown Brogues) on guitar with Luke (Sex Beet), and Ben (Brown Brogues) on drums. This EP was born out of the PNKSLM boys getting Brown Brogues down for a post-SXSW show in April, recorded in a little rehearsal space near Brick Lane and I’ve had to not blog about it for ages. When you give this EP a listen and realize it was written and recorded in the space of like, a weekend, you’ll be suitably impressed at my willpower. While the entire EP, which you can grab off PNKSLM’s bandcamp, is entirely encompassing of the future of UK garage-punk (sorry, don’t want y’all thinking I mean UK garage) my favorite recording is a weird little number: Dead School Girl. It’s a perfect amalgamation of all bands – catchy riffs, echoing vocals from Jerry (who I wish would sing like this all the time), and little guitar freakouts. It’s stunning. Hopefully one day we’ll have an LP of this. I will, of course, keep you all updated.

mp3: Toto & The Bad Eggs – Dead School Girl