When I went to begin my research on this Aberdeen duo Dolfinz (read: looked at their FB page), I saw that they had a t-shirt with their name on the front and “FUCK SEAWORLD” on the back which I happen to agree with whole heartedly. If you go to Seaworld, you are no friend of mine, Dolfinz, or actual dolphins. However, I do really want to be friends with Dolfinz music. While it’s no secret that Scotland has made the least dent in the world of garage scuzz, this gutter punk duo will hopefully be changing that around very soon. On almost every single song featured on their Soundcloud, but most specifically (my fav) Blowhole, we see the band slog through highly tread garage punk areas with an extremely light touch, putting their own spins on fuzz, yell-y vocals, and general lo-fi business. I doubt I’ve ever liked a song so much when I heard the first line I got a blowhole on my head. I’ve completely fallen in love with this band.

They’ve got their debut 7″ coming out on the 21st of November via Tuff Wax Records featuring the presently unheard Teenage Doom & Nosebleed. Grab that immediately, or come down to London to see them (with me) on the 27th of November. Kick ass.

mp3: Dolfinz – Blowhole