I know next to nothing about this band, PC Worship, but sometimes I like it that way. Grabbed their Psychic Lunch Records/Evil Weevil Records on the tip of my friends at said labels and was incredibly surprised and overwhelmed at the greatness of this EP. You can and should pick up your copy via PLR/EWR immediately. Toxic Love EP is filled to it’s 5-song brim with sludgy, dark garage rock. But more than that, it nails this perfectly warped, psych-blues that is not alienating, in fact, it’s incredibly endearing and draws you in instantly. Toxic Love trucks onwards on the back of a really tight rhythm section that is punctuated with sinister 12 bar riffs and murky vocals. This stuff may be borne of a swamp, but it deserves to be in the light — a definite grower of an EP, but one worth digging your teeth into. My guess is this will dig it’s teeth right back.

mp3: PC Worship – Toxic Love