Don’t do a double take, I know I posted about Best Friends‘ ultimate jam Wasting Time once before, but I’ve had it on repeat for so long that I thought it deserved a second look. Not only that, but Art Is Hard will be celebrating their 10th release, Best Friends‘ second EP, Throwing Up, out on March 26th. The newly recorded jam they’re giving away for freesies is better than it ever was — clear, clean and full of sunshine, ridiculous hooks, a frenetic riff and the best part — it’s really good to shout along to at the end (“you make me feel so unreal” is surprisingly fun to shout). This song has been a mainstay of my current “just kickin’ it” playlist and it should be part of yours, as well. The full EP is up for stream via Art Is Hard’s Bandcamp, but you should put up £5 to order it, or shut up.