I’ve wanted a grill FOREVER and I don’t care how uncool or weird it is that I want one. Fuck you if you hate it, I’m getting one regardless of the fact that I am both white and a female. I was all set to make my May 2012 playlist songs that only discuss my one, true, burning desire of getting a grill, but then I realized that I’m a failure because I don’t have any. And then I discovered one.

You’re welcome! But listen below, to my actual May 2012 playlist. It’s a weird mix.

01 Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe
02 Spaceghostpurrp – No Evidence (Edit)
03 The Tammys – Egyptian Shumba
04 Mary Wells – Bye Bye Baby
05 King Tuff – Evergreen
06 Slug Guts – Stranglin’ You Too
07 Total Slacker – Oblivion (Grimes Cover)
08 Thurston Harris featuring Rufus Hunter – Purple Stew
09 King Khan & The Shrines – Bite My Tongue
10 Les Guillotines – L’Absinthe
11 Jack of Heart – San Francisco
12 Shirley & Lee – The Flirt

mp3: NRBW x May 2012 Mix