Our buddies over at SEXBEAT have turned me on to a new trio out of the Detroit area, The Sunburns. Their latest, 11-track release Smell Like Fun has been out since March 2012, making me late to the party, but I just cannot resist uber-jam Hate The World. While I’ve heard close to a bajillion songs that sound just like this, The Sunburns have created something that speaks for me, and to me, because hi, I hate people so much. Obviously, there’s a lot more to this being a special song than me identifying with it — but there’s something really fun about singing along (loudly and out of tune) to “I hate the whole damn world / I hate the whole fucked up world” and with the brash tempo, well-placed riffage, and hand-claps — this reads total summer jam for all of us misanthropists out there. Their whole release is available on bandcamp for pay whatever you want. Have at it, y’all.

mp3: The Sunburns – Hate the World