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This is totally relevant because it’s World Cup season, right?

MTV IggyThe King Khan Cooking Show
King Khan

Hahahahha, yeah, that’s all you need to know.

This morning, I was browsing blogs, you know, as you do at 10:23 on a school day when you have fuck all to do. And I saw a couple of newsworthy stories that just basically made me want to kill myself. Let me allow you to share these destructive feelings, and I really hope you do, ‘cuz this shits FUCKING RIDICULOUS:

  1. Pitchfork Headline: VAMPIRE WEEKEND TO TOUR WITH BEACH HOUSE, DUM DUM GIRLS. I really wish I was more clever and could come up with hilarious slogans to characterize the boringness of this tour. How about Blah Blah Blasé Tour feat VW, BH and DDG? But god, seriously, does shit like this have to happen? Next thing I know it’s going to be like Kings of Leon with King Khan and the Shrines and Strange Boys except that it would somehow be infinitely better.
  2. NME Headline: COLDPLAY FOR GLASTONBURY 2011 SET? It’s like the world is publicly saying that Glastonbury is over and has been over for years. Personally, I like to let the British hold on to their ‘festival experience’ of shitting in trashbags, washing their hair with ginger ale, and just fuckin’ letting loose, man, but I like to consider this news the world letting us know that SXSW is the one right and true festival. I mean, U2 headlining this year, and Coldplay next year? Sign me up for a bullet to the (just washed in beer) head.
  3. NME Headline: TOM JONES COVERS BOB DYLAN ON NEW ALBUM. First of all…. what is the NME doing reporting about Tom Jones? Isn’t their readership something like kids between the ages of 15-18 whose brains have been adled by too much glowstick use? So what the fuck do they care about Tom Jones’ new album? Nobody does, really, except maybe the bosses who run Las Vegas, I mean they have to lure the elderly from Florida somehow, right? Anyway, the fact that TJ is covering the one and only true genuis Bob Dylan is enough to make me ill. Thank god he does not choose a classic (god forbid I say that but really) in ‘What Good Am I’. This kind of fuckery is enough to make me spit up on my keyboard.

That’s pretty much it in the world of WHAT THE FUCK, MUSIC? Come back another time when I’ve woken up agitated and want to have a go at things.

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The great folk-centric blog, FOR FOLKS SAKE had Stephen Thomas write a little bit about his take on the recent, frankly, ridiculous accusations Ms. Joni Mitchell threw out in some LA Times interview. I found his article to be really thoughtful and spot on and although I don’t condone watching that bad Hollywood movie about Bob, everything else is spot on. Find the article below:

There are few sadder sights in the world than that of the once mighty, now fallen. A few days ago news came across that Joni Mitchell had, in a recent interview with the LA Times, belittled Bob Dylan as ‘a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake. Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I’.

These words have seemingly shocked much of the music media – Mitchell rarely gives interviews, and without these insights into her personality we are left making our assumptions based on the Mitchell of forty years ago, the Mitchell of Blue or Caught and Spark. In reality, she is in fact very much not the woman that she was in the early Seventies – plagued by insecurities and health issues, the Mitchell of 2010 is an uncertain creature, and someone who it is perhaps hard to criticise at this point in time. This is one of the two conclusions I have made in the past three days, as I have considered this blog, and my thoughts on Mitchell’s comments regarding Dylan. The second conclusion I came to was this: that I agree with everything Mitchell has said.

Yes, everything about Bob Dylan is a deception. But, really, are we surprised by this? We shouldn’t be. When, in 2007, Dylan’s life was made into a film biopic the only way to adequately portray the man on-screen was to hire six different actors to play the dramatically different facets of his life. He has, in his time, been a troubadour, a rock star, a poet and a college drop-out. Dylan is notorious for his early-year interviews, during which he would often give conflicting back stories about his past, and where he came from. Since his origins as an artist and a musician Dylan has never been entirely honest with us – like the most successful acts in the world (Madonna, Bono), Dylan is a man of many personae. It just so happens that he is also significantly better than the other masters of disguise.

And yes, of course Dylan’s name is fake. We all know this, and it has never been less than public knowledge. In the interview in question, Mitchell explained that she goes by the first name ‘Joni’ because her birth name of Roberta Joan was little more than a feminine twist given by parents who had hoped for a Robert John. Is this really different from the plight of Robert Zimmerman? Dylan has always said he never felt an affinity to that name. In his own words, “Some people – you’re born, you know, the wrong names, wrong parents.” Mitchell knows this better than most, and as such, perhaps night and day aren’t all that different after all.

And so, finally, Dylan’s voice. Is it his own? Is it someone else’s? Is Bob Dylan a plagiarist? Of course he is. Because, in so many ways, that’s what folk is about. It isn’t as if Dylan is stealing the words directly from other’s mouths – but the ideas, and the stories. Folk music is, in the end, about capturing the culture of the people, and maintaining the world of the people who came before you. To this end, folk music will always live and breathe on the remnants of other people’s ideas, and as such, plagiarism is as vital to Dylan’s career as his guitar, his voice and his many, many personae. When Joni Mitchell attempted to separate herself from Bob Dylan, all she managed to do was closer tie him to everyone in her profession.

No, I’m not just posting this since we got a little shout out (although we loved it, thanks!), but because The Meek are one of LA’s finest and I’m really glad they’ll be getting some exposure by playing Austin Psych Fest this weekend. Great interview between Austinist and Amy Lee, touching on the greatness of Los Angeles, the band members’ other artistic pursuits, and a future collaboration with a group of Icelandic artists that will be produced by Singapore Sling‘s Henrik Bjornsson.

Read the interview right here!

Bob Dylan has axed a series of dates in east Asia after being refused entry to perform in China.

The singer was set to play in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong this month after finishing a string of dates in Japan.

However, his promoter, Brokers Brothers Herald, said Dylan had been blocked by the Chinese government, forcing Dylan to scrap the rest of his tour.

“China’s Ministry Of Culture did not give us permission to stage concerts in Beijing and Shanghai, so we had no alternative to scrap plans for a South East Asian tour,” Jeffrey Wu, the promoter’s head of operations, told the South China Morning Post.

“The chance to play in China was the main attraction for him [Dylan]. When that fell through, everything else was called off.”

Wu said officials became more cautious after Bjork caused a stir when she performed ‘Declare Independence In Shanghai’ two years ago.

mp3 | Bob Dylan – Talking John Birch Blues (Live in the Pines)

I just had to repost this from Clash Music, sorry if you’ve already read it (but not really sorry at all succkkkk iiiitttttttt). The title is Alan McGee vs. Anton Newcombe and i was like sigh, why are they fighting? but it’s actually just a really cool dialogue between two brilliant men, no fighting, so give it a read. I like any interview that mentions both Oasis and Meatloaf..

Read Anton Newcombe vs. Alan McGee here

Colette’s already on her way, and tomorrow I’ll be hitting up Tejas – so you’ll excuse a lack of blogging on our part. We’ll be back with some coverage for us – tons of photos and a couple of interviews, and some coverage for DiS! Woo. find us on twitter @ladyshamble and @collietsunami and @nuravebrainwave to hear about some of our (mis)adventures.