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May is a cool month. It’s been really abnormally freakishly warm in the UK and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. Listen to this while doing something fun. It’s about to be summer for reals and I’m vowing to be as drunken and irresponsible as possible come Tuesday.

01 Catholic Spray – Beast in the Bushes
03 The Bell Peppers – Rubber Bullets
04 Balkans – Zebra Print
05 Dune Rats – Rat Bags
06 Tyler, The Creator – Transylvania
07 Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci
08 Mellowhype – Rico
09 King Tuff – Ripper
10 BEST FRIENDS – Surf Bitches
11 Tomorrows Tulips – Eternally Teenage
12 Chapter Sweetheart – Today the Truth
13 Wyatt Blair – Wasted
14 Black Lips – New Direction

mp3: Nu Rave Brain Wave x May 2k11 Mixtape

This is kind of an eclectic mix of songs that I’m really not sure work altogether, but April’s been one of those kind of months. I always write this, like, every other month, but I spent half of it in America, and half over in England, so it’s kind of weird. Enjoy.

01 Earl Sweatshirt – Dat Ass
02 Lil B – Think I’m Based God
03 Burnt Ones – Sunset Hill
04 Shannon & The Clams – You Will Always Bring Me Flowers
05 Balkans – Troubled and Done
06 Sonny & The Sunsets – Teen Age Thugs
07 Carnivores – Darker Days
08 Monster Rally – Island on Fire
09 Acid Glasses – Polnara Setera
10 Best Coast – So Gone (Daytrotter Session)
11 Swampmeat – Guns & Knives
12 Catholic Spray – Beast In The Bushes

mp3: Nu Rave Brain Wave x April 2k11 Mixtape

Ever since we heard Balkans, the new class of grade-A garage talent from Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve been completely enamoured with them. Everything from their Georgeanne 7″, to the Edita V 7″ and video, and their debut LP (out on May 10th via Double Phantom) is 100% butt-cutter… Which is why we were pretty excited to get some of our questions into the band prior to the release of their album. Check out their thoughts on Atlanta’s new scene of amazing bands, Dior and the best last meal (last one is questionable); and then download ‘Troubled & Done‘ and ‘Edita V‘ below:

Do you want to introduce yourselves and say how old you are? I heard y’all are jailbait.
My name’s Stanley I’m 19. Hello, I’m Brett Miller, 20 years old. HI! I’m Woody I play bass guitar in the Balkans and I’m 20. I’m Frankie Broyles, I sing and play guitar and just turned 21. Sure.

We heard about you guys through the great Double Phantom Records. How did you guys start working with them?
We have been with Double Phantom for almost as long as we have been a band, it’s been great. The label and us have kind of matured and progressed together. This will be a big year for Double Phantom, they got a lot of new bands coming out, along with our first album.

So you’ve put out 3 7″s now… and you’re prepping your debut album release for May. How excited are you?

We are very excited; we have been working on this for years. Hopefully the whole world likes it!

When and where did you guys record it? Can you tell us any kind of weird and/or funny anecdote from recording?
We recorded with engineer Kris Sampson (B-52’s, Coathangers, etc.). He didn’t have a studio so we set up in different locations, like our living room and our friend Johnny’s Basement. There was a physical altercation one night while we were recording between Kris and Brett, Kris got pushed down the stairs and busted his head open.

What do y’all think of people saying your music is a mix of English/American sounds? Do you agree?

That’s accidental I guess, we are southern.

A lot of the Atlanta bands (I think you know who were talking about) are older and more established, but there’s definitely a new wave of really good bands coming out of Georgia. (We’re thinking of you guys and Carnivores, among others) Do you think there’s a lot of cool shit coming out of ATL right now?
Yes. We came of age just as the Black Lips and Deerhunter were getting big. So by the time we started trying to make things happen in Atlanta they were off on tour most of the time. Those guys are awesome and have been really helpful but we all kind of had to create our own thing here. Double Phantom started doing the 7inches and we ran DIY shows in basements and arcades. Seems like this new crop of bands is starting to get the attention we all deserve.

I read Stanley and Woody met in shop class in school. What’s the best thing any of you made in shop class? Have you used your shop class skills in the real world yet?
I don’t know where that came from, it was actually health class. The best part of health class was… cartoon sex? Or live birth!

This one’s for Stanley. We read Dior is your favorite designer. How much Dior do you own? What’s your dream Dior item?
I only have three items (sigh…). The bumblebee necklace.

How many of y’all are in school? How much of a problem does that impose on like touring and recording?
We’re all in school right now, it’s pretty rough. Last week we had to fly back from our New York shows so we could make class on Monday. But school’s almost out for the summer!!!

What’s coming up for Balkans for the rest of 2011?

Try to make it to as many cities as we can. Maybe CMJ? I don’t know, play the Balkan Peninsula so people think we’re legit.

What’s your dream tour vehicle? Describe in as much detail as necessary.
The Aeroscraft! It’s kind of like a blimp but called a lighter than air transporter. Hasn’t been made yet, but a scaled-down prototype was made a couple years ago, check it out! It’s the future. Super-aerodynamics dude.

If you were headed to the electric chair, what would be your last meal?

Top Ramen

mp3: Balkans – Edita V
mp3: Balkans – Troubled and Done

Balkans- ‘Cave’ by Tony Summerlin from Frank Broyles on Vimeo.

Check out the video by Tony Summerlin for the Balkans’ B-side single Cave off the Edita V 7″ that’s coming out on Double Phantom Records February 22 in the US and April 4 in the UK.

mp3 | Balkans – Georganne

You may remember at some point last year, I started talking about Atlanta’s Balkans. I super enjoy everything that I’ve gotten from them, including their awesome Georganne 7″, and 2011 sees them get the fuck on their grind and get some records out to our waiting ears. The great Double Phantom Records will release the Edita V 7″ on February 22nd. ‘Edita V’ is a succulent little slice of bright garage pop. Their self-titled LP will come out on the 10th of May in the US and the 9th in the UK. You can pick up BOTH via Double Phantom – keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders and things. Or I’ll just let you know. Or both. Peep their songs below:

Edita V Single by Balkans

I love doing year end roundup coverage and I’m still waiting to put up the bands to watch list, so I thought we’d highlight some of the great bands we discovered over the past year. Some of them made our 2011 bands to watch list, some of them didn’t, some of them aren’t even NEW but rest assured they all rule. As per the usual, you can download a great mp3 from each of the bands at the links.

The Strangers Family Band

Les Rallizes Denudes
Best Coast
Happy Birthday

Caitlin Rose
Eternal Summers
Wild Palms
White Fence
Cloud Nothings
Hey Sholay
The Invisible Hand

Fair Ohs
Monster Rally
Family Trees
Silver Machine
Hot Spa
Fergus & Geronimo
The Jim Jones Revue
Jeffertitti’s Nile
Mind Spiders
Shimmering Stars
Young Sinclairs
Son of Rams
The N.E.C
Velvet Davenport
Dominant Legs
The Splinters
The Vaccines
The Babies
Las Robertas
Heavy Hawaii
Francois & The Atlas Mountains
Myelin Sheaths
Pete Drake
Mess Folk
Black Mekon
Man The Hunter
Navajo Bixby
Demon’s Claws
French Kissing
Whatever Brains
The Castillians
Bass Drum of Death
Dead Ghosts
Sonny & The Sandwitches
Crusaders of Love
Bleeding Knees Club
Straight Arrows
Hello My Name Is Red
Sauna Youth
School Knights
Tree Hopping
The Meanest Boys
Ghost Outfit

And due to high demand you can download a track from each artist put into a zip folder right here.

BALKANS – GEORGANNE from Frank Broyles on Vimeo.

I don’t know if y’all remember, but you should, a while back I introduced you all to Atlanta’s Balkans who pretty much rule. Then a few days later, I waxed a little bit poetic about how much I like their Georganne 7″ which by the way, you can get through Double Phantom Records, and now they’ve made a video for the title track. Check out the weird/rad video above and download the cut below. Then, if you’re so inclined (you will be), pick up your copy of the record.

mp3 | Balkans – Georganne

August has been a very strange month, but very good. I’ve been driving so much recently, 1300 miles in the span of about 10 days. Holy shit. These songs have been soundtracking my insane driving and the crazy move that I just made back to the UK and what not… You’ll never know the kind of satisfaction that lugging your own weight in clothing 5,000 miles gives you. However, you can listen to what got me through it below….

01 Kanye West – See Me Now
02 Velvet Davenport – When You Are Out
03 Eternal Summers – Pogo
04 Balkans – Bill Spills
05 Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes
06 Magic Kids – Superball
07 Happy Birthday – Perverted Girl
08 Sweaters – Sky Mall
09 Chuck Berry – La Juanda (Espanol)
10 Wanda Jackson – Making Believe
11 Cee Lo Green – Fuck You
12 Unouomedude – Buildings

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave – August 2010 Mix

Balkans have just released their ‘Georganne’ 7″ and it found its little way into my greedy, waiting paws.

Bill Spills is short as fuck (1:15!) but gets to the point with time to spare – it’s all whirling guitars and the same vocals that I love so much in the Soft Pack and Let’s Wrestle are the same kind utilized by Balkans – kind of distant, stranger-in-black-watching-you, haphazard yowling – basically, all around brilliant. Balkans give off a real American-Let’s Wrestle-vibe.

Leopard Print is also a short one, coming in at 2:15, is just as stomping as Bill Spills and Georganne. Plenty of guitars to go around, but there’s something more there than just a couple of dudes twanging on their guitars for a few minutes. That said, the thing that I criticized LA contemporaries, Wounded Lion, for was that it was just garage-rock-by-the-numbers kind of retreading of ground, which is something that Balkans could probably fall into if they wanted, but there’s something more enchanting and immediately interesting about Balkans.

This is a great little slice of rock, fun and quick. Only time will see what else can come out of Balkans, whether or not they get trapped in the garage-rock mentality of short, pointless songs on a million albums on In The Red, but god – we hope not. Give us more of this, Balkans!


mp3 | Balkans – Georganne

Balkans, like the N.E.C and many of my favorite bands (ever heard of Black Lips?), hail from ATL, Georgia, but I won’t hold it against them. I was recently sent over a track off their new 7″ Georganne through Double Phantom Records. The B side is a really kickass down and dirty jam in the style of Black Lips – but with more clarity and deftness.  Really intriguing stuff if you’re into the smelly insides of garages with couches that have multiple shady fluids on them, which, obviously I am. Check out the tracklisting for their 7″ and download ‘Georgeanne’ below…

01 Bill Spills
02 Georganne
03 Leopard Print

Tour Dates:
8/11 | Atlanta, GA: Star Bar w/ NEC, Butchers
8/21 | Atlanta, GA: Goat Farm Fest w/ All the Saints, NEC, Hawks + MORE
9/25 | Atlanta, GA: High Museum of Art w/ Back Pockets, Phonepunk

mp3 | Balkans – Georganne