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Stream a new track from M$ punks Bass Drum of Death, White Fright, is off their tour only 7″ and is our first taste from the beginnings of their second album. As ever, it’s a quick hitter, replete with fuzzy hooks, a breezy confidence, and a sick little solo — a continuation of everything that worked on their first album, 2011′s GB City, making it one of my favorites from recent memory. More than enough to whet the palette, but more, if they’re coming to your town (refer to the lengthy tour poster, above), you owe it to yourself to see them live — they’re always on point & in my humble, entirely correct opinion, are unmissable with DZ Deathrays.

 Nu Rave Brain Wave Top 10 Albums, Top 5 EPs, and Top 5 7″s of 2011:

Top 5 7″ of 2011:
05 Bitch Prefect – 7″ (RIP Society Records)

This is really breezy and effortless pop songs done in the best kind of way from Aussie upstarts Bitch Prefect.

04 The Growlers – Gay Thoughts 7″ (Everloving Records)

It wouldn’t be a NRBW list without a mention of the Growlers, but despite having the mp3s of this record for months before the Record Store Day exclusive release, I still waited for over an hour at Origami Vinyl to buy a copy. So, I guess it’s pretty good.

03 Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair 7″ (Suffering Jukebox)

Brown Brogues are undoubtably one of my favorite discoveries of this year and this is probably like the best anthem written this year that I’m aware of.

02 Catholic Spray/Assassins88//TV Colours – Split 7″ (XVIII Records)

I would’ve bought this record for Catholic Spray’s sinister, weird garage punk rippers, but the collaboration of hands down two of the best bands in the world the Australian super fuzzed out, stunningly catchy team of Assassins 88 and Dream Damage label mates TV Colours is absolutely astounding.

01 TV Colours / Assassins 88 – Split 7″ (Dream Damage Records)

That’s right, Dream Damage’s split between these two Aussie bands is the greatest piece of wax I bought this year. Both TV Colours jams have been replayed over and over to the billionth power, they’re both sonic fuzz bombs that are so ridiculously catchy and perfect for the gym (this is a compliment, btw). The exact same goes for Assassins 88 side. I just find it hard to fault a single thing either band does.

top 10 EPs of 2011:

05 Bummer High – Lost Highway (Green Burrito Records)

I fell immediately in love with Bummer High‘s Lost Highway, and it’s not all due to the fact that it was released on a label called Green Burrito. Their whimsical, twangin’, psych-country-garage is absolutely wonderful and if you like fellow Canadian brethren Demon’s Claws, Dead Ghosts, or Indian Wars, this is for you.

04 Toto & The Bad Eggs – Wallet Droppin’ (PNKSLM Recordings)

The closest thing to a garage-punk supergroup that the UK is going to see for probably quite some time, Toto & The Bad Eggs contains members of Sex Beet, Jerry Tropicano and Brown Brogues who each take my personal favorite parts of the music they make in their original bands and bring it to this EP. Obviously, it’s pretty special.

03 Ghost Outfit – Young Ghosts EP (Self Released)

Haven’t been able to stop listening to this Ghost Outfit EP since it’s been given to me, which I think was 2010, but fuck it, it’s so good it deserves a place on my 2011 list as well. Not only do they make weird and haunting noisy songs, but they also make expert pop songs.

02 The Bell Peppers – Cooking With The Bell Peppers (Self Released)

This fine Manchester duo put out the best self-released EP that showcases their slicked-back, cry-baby garage-blues-r’n'b in the most effortless and just straight up fucking cool way ever. I would buy at least three copies if this was released on any format.

01 The Growlers/Thee Ludds 12″ Split (Palmist Records)

Although the Growlers songs were technically not new in 2011, I think it’s a testament that they hold up so strongly to even a fan as well versed in their catalogue as I am — their beach goth, drip-drop-drip, swamp stomps have always sounded incredibly fresh and illuminating and the UK should feel lucky to have this released for them. Thee Ludds frenzied astral-psych-punk pulls strongly from the same 60s references as the Growlers but makes it new like a bucket of water to the face. In a good way.

Honorable Mentions:
Die Jungen – $
Carnivores – Chandelier EP
Ty Segall – Ty Rex
Cosmonauts – New Psychic Denim EP
Thee Oh Sees/Total Control Split EP

Top 10 LPs of 2011

10 Kanye West & Jay Z – Watch The Throne

I’m not angry when people talk about wealth, but maybe that’s because the best advice I ever received is surround yourself with wealth.

09 Royal Headache – S/T (XVIII Records)

This record literally came out of nowhere and really hit me hard. I hope I always have a soft spot for succinct, groovy power pop with soulful vocals. The buzzwords I had to use to describe Australia’s Royal Headache are grotesque, but this album is incredible.

08 Mind Spiders – The Mind Spiders (Dirtnap Records)

Denton, TX’s salvation, Mind Spiders, put this record out in the early portion of the year, but their brand of fast and loose garage rock filled with quick hits, the catchiest song you’ve ever heard (Don’t Let Her Go) and a ballad. This is a whip-smart garage punk record.

07 Cosmonauts – S/T (Permanent Records)

Cosmonauts are one of the most underrated bands to come out of the Burger scene, and this LP is filled with buzzing psychedelic, ramshackle punk punk, and rhythm ‘n 12 bar blues jams all jumbled together and vomited back up into the form of this excellent, excellent record.

06 The Castillians – Show Your Teeth (Cold Rice Records)

A long-awaited debut collection of 100% hits from the UK’s most underrated garage band, The Castillians,  as strong as any I’ve heard this year.

05 Shannon & The Clams – Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4 Go! Records)

I have the biggest love for Shannon of Shannon & the Clams, and this album is a beautiful dose of weird, wild 50s doo-wop garage-pop that while awesome, always seems (for me at least) to take the back seat to Shannon’s incredible voice. But then again, I could listen to hear sing the Wikipedia for Grizzly Bear and it would actually make it worth listening to.

04 School Knights – All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven (Dracula Horse)

I have fallen in love with everything that School Knights have ever done, and I’m not ashamed of that. Although half of these songs had already been released on Rush SK EP, they sound as fresh as ever and the new jams (previously heard by my ears only live) prove that they’re one of the best bands that I’m aware of. Their balls-to-the-wall attitude live, their use of absolutely infectuous riffs, drum slammage and heavy use of reverb is flat out perfect on this album.

03 Mellowhype – BlackenedWhite (Fat Possum)

The best rap album that was released (or, um, reissued) was hands down MellowHype. I’ve always found Hodgy Beats to be the most fascinating member and best rapper in OF, his work with LeftBrain is engaging, thoughtful and most importantly catchy as balls.

02 Bass Drum of Death – GB City (Fat Possum)

This album is an undeniable ass-slaying ripper from start to finish. If it’s not tailor made to be played as loud as possible, with heads banging, I don’t know what it’s for. I do know that each jam could be a stand-alone single. It’s effortless, catchy, and punk as fuck.

01 The Babies – The Babies (Shrimper Records)

It’s hard to write a sentence about why this Babies record is my favorite, but it’s a collection of horrendously underrated treasure pop gems that jangle, fuzz and snap with fervent wildness and a little bit of Americana seen through a garage rock kaleidoscope. It’s not certainly not a faultless record but it’s gotten better with a year of listening behind me.

Honorable Mentions
The Beets – Stay Home
Black Lips – Arabia Mountain
Pangea – Living Dummy
The Strange Boys – Live Music
Diarrhea Planet – Loose Jewels
TRMRS – Sea Change
Cumstain – Why Don’t You Kill Yourself Scumbag Your Mother Wont Miss U
Monster Rally – Coral
Dirty Beaches – Badlands
Hunx & His Punx – Too Young To Be In Love

If you didn’t have plans tonight, great! now you have some. If you do have plans, cancel them, because you got new ones. Our favorite Mississippians Bass Drum of Death are coming over to the UK to Zorn everything, starting tonight at the Green Door Store with thanks to all of our friends at One Inch Badge and Teen Creeps. If you haven’t listened to their Fat Possum debut LP GB City, I’d advise you grab it now and then grab four quid and come down to Green Door Store tonight, November 4th, to see them rip. Find the FB information on the event here.

mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Spare Room

Beside releasing one of my favorite records of 2011, GB City via Fat Possum, Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death are also one of the mightiest touring bands around these days. This will be my first experience seeing BDOD as a three-piece, but based on the cans of whoopass they opened as a duo, I expect it will get buck. If you are not a fool, you will come see them on 4th of November at the Green Door Store in Brighton & the 8th at the Lexington in London. Do not be a moron and miss this.

mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Young Pros (Daytrotter Session)

How did John Barrett know I’ve been listening to tonz of T.Rex recently? The leader of Mi$$i$$ippi’s hottest duo (trio, now?) Bass Drum of Death posted this T. Rex cover of ‘Celebrate Summer‘ on their blog and it is absolute perfection. If you haven’t noticed, they’ve been kicking ass and taking names all over the country with their damn fine sel-titled LP via Fat Possum, rippin through US tours & recording a great Daytrotter Session — and this cover is just another way BDOD are steam-rolling over all the other punks in 2011. BTW — this is ultra fitting because both JB and Marc Bolan have two of the best heads of hair in rock and roll.

mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Celebrate Summer (T.Rex Cover)

If my last mix was meant to augment yr sense of weird June gloom, then this one is definitely the antithesis of June gloom. Enjoy.

01 Bass Drum of Death – Young Pros (Daytrotter Session)
02 Ty Segall – Sad Fuzz (Live in Aisle Five)
03 Wavves – TV Luv Song
04 Bazooka – Shame Take My Brain
05 Dear Eloise – 城堡
06 Allah Las – Catamaran
07 The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage – Bloody Beach Blanket
08 Bitch Prefect – Marilyn Monroe
09 Bobby Chiz – Brooklyn Mouth
10 Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch
11 Icky Boyfriends – Nervous Guy
12 Dent May – Fun

mp3: NRBW x June 2011 Mixtpe

Our buddies Bass Drum of Death are hitting tons of cities all across America and Canada this summer and it is actually imperative that you see them live. Besides the fact that they released GB City (via Fat Possum), one of the best records of the year, they also are one of the strongest, butt-cutting slayers touring right now. They’ve got a bunch of shows around Los Angeles, including a July 4th date at The Echo which is probably the only way the Founding Fathers would like you to celebrate America. Don’t let them, me, or yourselves down and see them ASAP.

June 19 Chicago – Empty Bottle
June 20 Cleveland – Grog Shop
June 21 Toronto – Horseshoe Tavern
June 22 Montreal – Il Motore
June 23 Boston – Great Scott
June 24 New York – Mercury Lounge
June 25 Brooklyn – Glasslands
June 27 Kansas City – Crosstown Station
June 28 Denver – Larimer Lounge
June 29 Las Vegas – Beauty Bar
June 30 San Francisco – Independent
July 1 Los Angeles – Echoplex
July 2 Los Angeles – El Rey
July 3 San Diego, CA – Casbah
July 4 Los Angeles – The Echo

July 7 San Francisco – Rickshaw Stop
July 9 Viscalia, CA – Cellar Door
July 10 Santa Barbara – Soho
July 22 New York – Mercury Lounge
July 23 Brooklyn – Knitting Factory

mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Spare Room

Been waiting on pins and needles for this Daytrotter Session that Bass Drum of Death recorded at this year’s SXSW and it’s finally here! You can hear BDOD run through four butt-cutting versions of some of the best songs of their debut, GB City including song of the summer contender ‘Young Pros‘. If you haven’t gotten your copy, get on that shit and go see Fat Possum about that. Grab ‘Young Pros‘ below and the rest of the session over at Daytrotter.

mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Young Pros (Daytrotter Session)

Finally, Mi$$iSSippi’s finest, Bass Drum of Death have released their video for ‘Get Found’ off their Fat Possum released, debut LP GB City. Recorded at a 12am rager at the Cats Purring Dude Ranch, it’s all wild and creepy and amazing. John, I’m gonna need that gold lamé looking jacket in my life immediately.

mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Spare Room

The great people over at The Reverberation Appreciation Society & The Black Angels are bringing Psych Fest to Austin, Texas the fourth year in a row. This year the festival will take place at the Seaholm Power Plant (214 West Avenue, Austin, Texas) from April 29th to May 1st. They’ve gotten one of the sickest lineups for a festival that I have seen in SO LONG. So many props to them for getting together a sonic smorgasboard of bands who are amazing, aren’t at every single festival ever, are a good mix between underrated and legendary, and include a buttload of NRBW-longtime favorites including The Growlers, Bass Drum of Death, Lower Heaven, The Meek, Spectrum and tons more.

We’re lucky to have a pair of tickets to each day of the festival for y’all to win. All you need to do is email NURAVEBRAINWAVE@GMAIL.COM with PSYCH FEST in the subject & in the body include yr full name, which day you’d like to go to, band you’d like to see and bonus points to pictures of cute pugs. Like this, this or this. (Contest Deadline: April 26th)

Check out the lineup below, featuring our picks in bold for the day, and pick up tickets in case you don’t win! There’s also a ton of mp3s at the bottom. I wish I could be there, seeing as I had such a fun/dangerous time at the Psych Fest 2 back in 2009, so you’ll have to go in our honor and rock the fuck out.

Friday April 29th, 2011 :: Get Tickets

Stage One
6.30 ZaZa
7:30 Beach Fossils
8:30 Night Beats
9:30 Atlas Sound
10:30 Crystal Stilts
11:30 A Place To Bury Strangers
12:30 Omar A Roderiguez

Stage Two
5:30 Christian Bland (from Black Angels)
6:00 Sky Drops
7:00 Zechs Marquis
8:00 Blue Angel Lounge
9:00 Radio Moscow
10:00 Quarter After
11:00 Shapes Have Fangs
12:00 No Joy
01:00 Tobacco
02:00 This Will Destroy You

Saturday April 30th 2011 :: Get Tickets

Stage One
2:30 Ghost Box Orchestra
3:30 Woodsman
4:30 Shine Brothers
5:30 Beaches
6:30 The Black Ryder
7:30 Sleepy Sun
8:30 Fresh & Onlys
9:30 Crocodiles
10:30 Prefuse 73
11:30 Black Moth Super Rainbow
12:30 Spectrum

Stage Two
2:00 Holy Wave
3:00 Weird Owl
4:00 Vacant Lots
5:00 Cloudland Canyon
6:00 Pontiak
7:00 White Hills
8:00 Lumerians
9:00 Young Prisms
10:00 Indian Jewelry
11:00 Soft Moon
12:00 Lower Heaven
01:00 Bass Drum of Death
02:00 The Meek

Sunday May 1st 2011 :: Get Tickets

Stage One
3:30 Diamond Center
4:30 Fungi Girls
5:30 Black Hollies
6:30 Dirty Beaches
7:30 Pete International Airport
8:30 The Growlers
9:30 Roky Erickson
10:45 The Black Angels

Stage Two
3:00 Hellfire Social
3:30 Chris Catalena
4:00 Tjutjuna
5:00 ST37
6:00 Daughters of the Sun
7:00 The Cult of Dom Keller
8:00 Wall of Death
9:00 Cold Sun
12:00 My Education/Theta Naught: Sound Mass

mp3: Beach Fossils – Sometimes
mp3: The Black Ryder – Sweet Come Down
mp3: The Fresh & Onlys – Waterfall
mp3: Lower Heaven – Fire Engine
mp3: Bass Drum of Death – Spare Room
mp3: Fungi Girls – Doldrums
mp3: The Growlers – What It Is