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Our favorite Northerners Brown Brogues came down south and played two shows in London the other week and ended up filming this video for ‘Wildman’. As with their other videos, it fucking RULES and is hilarious and features hip-swiveling, tons of Ben’s face and someone who doesn’t know what a record is. Or might be joking. It’s unclear. But anyway, you should pick up their 7″ from Suffering Jukebox because it RIPS. Pretty stoked that they’ll be announcing a UK tour soon. Rockstars in the making etc.

mp3: Brown Brogues – Treet U Beta

Here’s the great poster for this gig tomorrow that I can’t attend, which blows. My flatmate and I have been looking forward to this for a while, but my flights not for a few days. Fuck. The poster’s great for one reason, and it’s the people throwing the party that are on the poster. That cracks me up. Anyways, PUNKSLIME are throwing their monthly party tomorrow at Old Blue Last in London.

Their line-ups so far have been fucking immaculate and this one is no different. Our Wigan bro’s Brown Brogues are coming down to London for their second southern show in a week and if you missed their April 12th gig at the Social, you should be at this one. They are one of the most outstanding bands I saw at SXSW, and I was particularly enamoured with their weird and dark brand of almost aggressive garage rock. Their live show is spectacular, and if you’re not similarly into Mark’s hip-swiveling and Ben’s face in general, I’d be very, very surprised. Supporting are NRBW buds Jerry Tropicano who apparently have gained a live band with a violinist. I wouldn’t miss them either. And, as if you need another reason to go, it’s a free party. End of.

mp3 | Jerry Tropicano – Christmas Line
mp3 | Brown Brogues – Treet U Beta

SXSW 2k11 was a crazy blur of wildness, great and loud music, and $1 wells. This is the best and brightest of what ensued:

Heavy Hawaii @ Hardly Art Fag Party :: I have seen Heavy Hawaii play numerous times now, and I can’t stop the amount that I adore them, so I was happy to trek to the Hardly Art Fag party to see them, even though they’d be playing my show the next day. Unfortunately there wasn’t a massive crowd to see them, but the ones who were out fucking loved every second of it. Highlights include the songs that took me a little while to come around to but now are permanent fixtures in my mind, especially ‘Better‘ and ‘Sleeping Bag‘. I love that live, HH doesn’t lose any of that wonderful melancholy that sometimes contrasts and sometimes compliments Matt Bahama’s vocal harmonies, and the quiet but necessary guitar lines. Again, as in January, their newer material sounded on point as can be, a little bit more uptempo, but most of their stuff is in the live setting — can’t wait to see what this year brings for HH.

mp3 | Heavy Hawaii – Teen Angel

Brown Brogues @ Aussie’s Bar & Grill :: I was really happy to finally see Wigan’s Brown Brogues. Having read so much about them and hanging out with them for most of the week, I couldn’t wait to hear them play. They’ve gotten a lot of really good press around their first 7″ (out on Suffering Jukebox). This venue was on South Congress and had beach volleyball being played in the background, but they still ruled. For a two piece, they make a lot of fucking noise and it works so goddamned well. The highlight for me, was definitely them playing ‘Shergar’ which is one of my favorite songs (described by them as ‘quite aggressive) but I think they’re a little bit aggressive, but it sounded amazing. Ben (drummer) and his facial expressions and Mark (guitar) and his John Dwyer-esque moves played really well even though there wasn’t a giant moshing crowd for them (there should be!). More on these rockstar dorks later, saw them a few more times and they ruled each and every time.

Brown Brogues @ Aussies Grill SXSW 2011 from Brianna Saraceno on Vimeo.

Brown Brogues @ Aussie’s Grill SXSW 2011 from Brianna Saraceno on Vimeo.

Brown Brogues @ Aussies Grill SXSW 2011 from Brianna Saraceno on Vimeo.

mp3 | Brown Brogues – Treet U Beta

School Knights @ House Party :: If you’ve read this blog or my twitter since about November of last year, you’ll know that School Knights might just be my favorite new band. I was super happy that they did decide to come down to SXSW and so we left the insanity of downtown and cruised over northeast to a house party. Not only was there plenty of free beer, but I also got to hear a really raging duo right before School Knights as well, AND I picked up a Whataburger coupon to which my drunk brain read as “Buy One, Get One Free – Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits” but a week later turned out to be “Buy One, Get One Free – Honey BBQ Chicken Biscuit”. Sad times. But finally about 8pm, School Knights went on and played three really, really great songs before the motherfucking POLICE came and shut us the fuck down. However, it was my first experience hearing SK as a three piece (they added a second guitarist) and I thought it only added to the amaziness that was already there. I would go on further, but I want to save my good review for their Friday show at my party. They ruled though, for the 10 minutes they were on.

mp3 | School Knights – F_#k the Beach

Black Lips @ VICE Party, Club Deville :: We all know how much I adore Black Lips, there’s nothing that can negate that. They always put on a good show, they really do, but I’ve seen them so many times now that I know exactly what to expect. As I’ve watched them, they’ve gotten older and less volitaile (which is completely fine) — but that’s kind of what I look for in a band, I guess. They played tons of the classics (‘Sea of Blasphemy‘, ‘Drugs‘ etc), and they played a lot of new songs from their forthcoming LP, Arabia Mountain, which was the highlight of the show. I think that this is going to blow their last LP out of the water. This was one of the first and only Black Lips shows where everyone sort of danced on their own (except around Tyler, The Creator) without disturbing anyone else, which kind of sucked because I was in the mood to fucking push some people. It was an okay show, but I don’t think I will ever waste any of my precious SXSW times on bands that I know I’m going to see again very, very soon.

Black Lips @ Club Deville – Vice SXSW Party from Brianna Saraceno on Vimeo.

mp3 | Black Lips – Stoned

Strange Boys @ The Bat Bar :: Ah, the Strange Boys. Unfortunately, the Bat Bar is the weirdest little venue where its kind of like a long rectangle yet the stage is like a little half hectagon in the near right hand corner. I’m describing it badly, but it was a really weird little place and I don’t think the Strange Boys fit very well in the venue. Maybe it was because it was 1am, or maybe it was because I missed King Tuff at 12, or maybe it was a long fucking day — but the Strange Boys just wern’t on point for me. They played mainly second album material (the ones that I don’t, uh, actually put on very often) and everything had been slowed down by a bit and it just seemed really syrupy and I really missed the bite and the frenetic energy that made me love them in the first place. I’m not adverse to bands growing and doing something different, but I had never seen a set like this from the Strange Boys. Highlight included (although, not as good ast it was at SXSW 2k10) ‘Woe Is You & Me‘ which is like, the story of my life. I’ll give these weirdos another chance soon.

mp3 | The Strange Boys – Baby Please Don’t Go

December has been a crazy little month. I spent half of it in freezing Brighton then came back to LA for it to rain like it was the apocalypse for a week straight. Now its like 75 on Christmas Eve. Craziness. Regardless, here’s some of the best tracks I acquired this month:

01 Ghost Outfit – I Was Good When I Was Young
02 Friends – Make It Better
03 The Meanest Boys – The Strangest Things
04 School Knights – Cliques
05 Childish Gambino – The Real (Infinity Guitars)
06 Brown Brogues – Shergar
07 The Migs – Beverly Beach
08 The Beets – Time Brought Age
09 Pipsqueak – Paradise
10 Unouomedude – Kiss Me (Six Pence None The Richer Cover)
11 Taxrat – Brick Wall
12 Jerry Tropicano (feat. Luke Lust) – Christmas Line

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave December 2010 Mixtape

I can’t believe it’s time again for me to say who I think is going to blow up next year. I’d like to clarify that nobody has asked for my input on this, but I feel that these bands are going to either blow up or achieve mild success that to me is the equivalent of superstardom. There’s been a lot of great new bands to come up this year and I couldn’t feature all of them so in lieu of having a list of like 20, I’m listing my top 10 bands that you’ll likely see on the pages of this blog, and maybe some other places and here’s a few that I got obsessed with too late or forgot about: School Knights, Ghost Outfit, Brown Brogues, Bleeding Knees Club, Straight Arrows, Cum Stain, The Franks, Friends, Wicked Fag, Tijuana Panthers, Sauna Youth, Moonhearts, Family Trees and Son of Rams. There’s too many to list, but check these out:

10 Audacity | Fullerton, CA | Myspace

Youthful punk rippers that go balls out every time, the fuzz doesn’t seem to mask the undercurrent of straight up great songs, best to see live and jump around to, nowhere to go but up.

mp3 | [download id="249" format="2"]

09 Shimmering Stars | Vancouver, BC | Myspace

Very new, but very good. More of the tender, half-sweet half-hidden-dark side 50s/60s pop with more than a tinge of the Everly Brothers, but serious lyric potential here. Basically, rules.

mp3 | [download id="172" format="2"]

08 The Vaccines | London, UK | Myspace

Teetering on the edge of being swept up into the British Hype Machine notwithstanding, these are great pop songs filtered through a very watery veil of 60s surf, but end up with something big, echoing and catchy as fuck.

mp3 | [download id="200" format="2"]

07 Spectrals | Wakefield, UK | Myspace

Northern England’s favorite ginger man doing stunning 50s doowop mixed with perfect, swooning 60s pop. Making it new with serious songwriting chops.

mp3 | [download id="102" format="2"]

06 Sex Beet | London/Leicester, UK | Myspace

UK’s best answer to anything that is happening in the US garage scene; makers of grimy, fuzzy, incredibly infectious noisy garage rippers. Bonus points for excellence in keyboard, being as great live as on record, weed smoking jams.

mp3 | [download id="175" format="2"]

05 Heavy Hawaii | San Diego, CA | Myspace

Beach born, Spector raised ridiculously catchy, tender, floating sentimental jams that err on the side of excellence rather than annoyingness. Bonus points for weed smoking jams.

mp3 | [download id="136" format="2"]

04 Sweaters | Los Angeles, CA | Myspace

Los Angeles’ heir to the crown of boisterous, timeless, wickedly humorous, anthemic pop songs of positivity, joy and awesomeness. Only band who puts a smile on my face in person and on record. Bonus points for being published authors.

mp3 | [download id="250" format="2"]

03 The Babies | New York, NY | Myspace

Exercise in mastering simplicity in song writing, then adding fuzz, a little bit of shambles and the best male/female shared vocals. This blurb doing them absolutely no justice as they’re incredible.Minus points for not knowing how great they are, as they’re still not a full-time band.

mp3 | [download id="195" format="2"]

02 King Charles | London, UK | Myspace

Forward thinking, experimental pop guitar shredder with more talent than songs going to a major label. Could be great.

mp3 | [download id="7" format="2"]

01 The Growlers | Costa Mesa, CA | Myspace

The kings of surf, garage, psychedelic swamp stomps with undeniable PhDs in ridiculously infectious melodies; dark, insanely intelligent lyrics and making you dance (even if you don’t wanna). Also, wearers of ridiculous clothing.

mp3 | [download id="251" format="2"]