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2010 has been a pretty fun year for music. Every year, I discover more music, better music, and sometimes it cracks me up to see how my music taste grows and differs as the years go by, but I think 2010 has been a great year for new bands and kickass albums. I’ve compiled my list of 10 albums that I really loved, 5 EPs that just got to me, and then 30 songs that I’ve called Top Songs, but they’re just 30 songs that I liked a hell of a lot and came to me as I thought about it and scanned carelessly through iTunes. It’s interesting to note that half of my favorite albums are from California bands.

Top 10 Albums of 2010

10 Ty Segall | Melted | Goner

mp3 :: [download id="211" format="2"]

09 Woven Bones | In & Out & Back Again | Hozac

mp3 :: [download id="88" format="2"]

08 Dead Ghosts | S/T | Florida’s Dying

mp3 :: [download id="207" format="2"]

07 Heavy Hawaii | HH | Artfag Records

mp3 :: [download id="136" format="2"]

06 The Strange Boys | Be Brave | In The Red

mp3 :: [download id="212" format="2"]

05 Fool’s Gold | Fool’s Gold | IAMSOUND Records

mp3 :: [download id="213" format="2"]

04 Avi Buffalo | Avi Buffalo | Subpop

mp3 :: [download id="14" format="2"]

03 The Soft Pack | The Soft Pack | Mexican Summer

mp3 :: [download id="130" format="2"]

02 Harlem | Hippies | Matador

mp3 :: [download id="214" format="2"]

01 Happy Birthday | Happy Birthday | Subpop

mp3 :: [download id="40" format="2"]


Top 5 EPs of 2010

05 Monster Rally | Monster Rally EP | Self Released

mp3 :: [download id="27" format="2"]

04 Unouomedude | Marsh EP | Self Released

mp3 :: [download id="118" format="2"]

03 Caitlin Rose | Dead Flowers EP | Names Records

mp3 :: [download id="101" format="2"]

02 Sex Beet | EP | TBA

mp3 :: [download id="175" format="2"]

(note: this is totally not the artwork, as this isn’t released yet, but the EP is too good to not be included on this list.)

01 The Growlers | Hot Tropics EP | Everloving

mp3 :: [download id="149" format="2"]


Top 30 Songs of 2010:

01 The Babies | Meet Me In The City | Listen

02 Happy Birthday | Perverted Girl | Listen

03 Sex Beet | Stay

04 Friends | Make It Better

05 The Meanest Boys | Strangest Things

06 Tennis | South Carolina | Listen

07 Spectrals | Leave Me Be | Listen

08 Family Trees | Dream Talkin’ | Listen

09 Cee Lo Green | Fuck You | Listen

10 Sonny & The Sunsets | Too Young To Burn | Listen

11 Beach Fossils| Sometimes | Listen

12 Woven Bones | Wanna Tell Ya | Listen

13 Ty Segall | Bullet Proof Nothing

14 Surfer Blood | Take It Easy | Listen

15 School Knights | Lunch Money

16 Happy Birthday | Subliminal Message | Listen

17 The Growlers | Sea Lion Goth Blues | Listen

18 Unouomedude | Buildings | Listen

19 The Strange Boys | Laugh At Sex (Not At Her) | Listen

20 Mind Spiders | World’s Destroyed

21 Fair Ohs | Hey Lizzy | Listen

22 Fergus & Geronimo | Girls With English Accents

23 French Kissing | You Just Don’t Know What Love Is For

24 Sweaters | Fruit On The Vine

25 Demon’s Claws | Fucked on K | Listen

26 Swampmeat | Brand New Cadillac

27 Gaoler’s Daughter | Meet You On The Other Side of the World

28 Shimmering Stars | I’m Gonna Try | Listen

29 My Pet Saddle | Il Fait Beau | Listen

30 Cults | Go Outside | Listen

I don’t think England is as big on Black Friday as we are in America, which is fortunate, because I can tell you from being on the ‘working-on-this-cursed-day-of-infamy’ side of things, Black Friday is the worst day of the year. However, the great people over at Record Store Day are making things better for some of us. They’re quick to point out that this isn’t Record Store Day, RSD ’11 or anything else, it’s just a group of pretty rad releases that can only be bought at your local record store. I guess they’re marketing it as stuff that you’re going to like to give and someone will love to receive, which is cool. So I present to you, the coolest Record Store Black Friday exclusives. If you want to pick me up one… well, I wouldn’t say no.

The Doors
“The Doors”

180 gram mono vinyl reissue
As a stand alone LP, this is EXCLUSIVE to indies and will not be available anywhere else. The Mono release was previously available in the Doors LP Box Set, sold out for over a year.

Cee Lo Green
“fuck you”

12″ Maxi Colored Vinyl is exclusive format. “Fuck You” is up digitally, but there is no other place that the you can get the instrumental version.

Jimi Hendrix
“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

10″ green vinyl single
features” Little Drummer Boy,” “Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne”

Roky Erickson/The Black Angels
“Night of the Vampire”

12″ 180 gram vinyl
Legendary psych rocker and founding member of 13th Floor Elevators, Roky Erickson returned to the stage in 2008 to perform songs from the 13th Floor Elevators catalog that had not been performed in decades. Backed by the neo-psychedelic rock heavyweights, The Black Angels, “Night of the Vampire” captures a special performance Halloween night 2008 from the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles.

Bob Dylan
“The Times They Are A Changin”/”Like A Rolling Stone”

“The Times They Are A-Changin’” from the Whitmark Demos release /”Like a Rolling Stone” (2010 mono version) From the Legacy Mono Box release

That Jimi Hendrix one looks pretty rad, for your information, Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Also, the Bob one would look pretty sweet in my collection. I’m just saying. Also I know Colette would like the Roky/Black Angels and the Doors. Please, get on it someone. Check out the rest of the releases.

Photo Courtesy of | Michael Shulman

Atlanta’s great Cee Lo Green released the non-surprising smash hit of the summer (doesn’t beat Happy Birthday’s ‘Perverted Girl’ for me, though) finally gets a video greater than the text-only version that hit the interwebs not too long ago. Although the simplicity of that was great, there’s been a more awesome video released that you can see through his Facebook Page (you must like it to see it, but really). Download the track below.

mp3 | [download id="121" format="2"]

August has been a very strange month, but very good. I’ve been driving so much recently, 1300 miles in the span of about 10 days. Holy shit. These songs have been soundtracking my insane driving and the crazy move that I just made back to the UK and what not… You’ll never know the kind of satisfaction that lugging your own weight in clothing 5,000 miles gives you. However, you can listen to what got me through it below….

01 Kanye West – See Me Now
02 Velvet Davenport – When You Are Out
03 Eternal Summers – Pogo
04 Balkans – Bill Spills
05 Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes
06 Magic Kids – Superball
07 Happy Birthday – Perverted Girl
08 Sweaters – Sky Mall
09 Chuck Berry – La Juanda (Espanol)
10 Wanda Jackson – Making Believe
11 Cee Lo Green – Fuck You
12 Unouomedude – Buildings

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave – August 2010 Mix

Okay, I know normally we don’t post these kinds of things (though I have to admit, for some reason, I’ve seen Gnarls Barkley like 3 times live or something and kind of really love them) but this is literally pop gold and I cannot not share it. Just listen to it.