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To celebrate the start of the season, and to celebrate my brilliant idea to draft Chris Davis of the Orioles to like, four of my fantasy teams, I bring to you this wonderful mix that has nothing to do with baseball and has everything to do with being songs that I have been listening to a lot recently. Enjoy.

01 Unwed Teenage Mothers – Forever Until You Are Bones
02 Hypocrite in A Hippy Crypt – Freak Me Out
03 Ooga Boogas – It’s A Sign
04 The Growlers – One Million Lovers
05 The Babies – Wandering
06 Danger Beach – TV Glow
07 JC Satan – Unhappy Girl
08 Catholic Spray – Hustling in Barbes
09 Jack of Heart – Marry Me
10 Audacity - Punk Confusion
11 The High Drops – Part of the Brigade
12 Dead Gaze – You’ll Carry On Real Nice

I always find it really hard to do song of the year posts, so I just put all the music I got in 2011 and picked 25 of my most played and most favorite tracks, some from my favorite albums, some demos and some singles, in no particular order. Enjoy:

Nu Rave Brain Wave Top 25 Songs of 2k11:

The Babies – Sunset (from The Babies LP)
The Babies – Sunset by nuravebrainwave

The Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go (from The Mind Spiders LP)
Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go by nuravebrainwave

MellowHype – Right Here (from BLACKENEDWHITE LP)
Right Here – Mellowhype by NellyDaBeaner

Bobby Chiz – Brooklyn Mouth (Cats Purring Download)
Brooklyn Mouth by BOBBY CHIZ

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend (Unreleased/Leaked)
Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch (from Teen Jamz EP)
Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

Black Lips – New Direction (From Arabia Mountain LP)
Black Lips – New Direction by Biz 3 Publicity

Chill Black Guys – CBG (From CBG Mixtape)
Young Hawaii Slim & Jay Ugh (GBGs) – Chill Black Guy by nuravebrainwave

King Lollipop – Cheeseburger & Fries (from King Lollipop LP)
King Lollipop – Cheesburger and Fries by nuravebrainwave

School Knights – You Read Books (from All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven LP)
School Knights – You Read Books by nuravebrainwave

Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair (from 7″)
Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair by nuravebrainwave

The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage – Bloody Beach Blanket (Unreleased Demo)
Bloody Beach Blanket by St. Knicholas Cage

Monster Rally – The New Optimism (from Deep Sea 7″)
Monster Rally – The New Optimism by nuravebrainwave

Danger Beach – Lakes (feat. TV Colours) (from Dream Damage Records)
Danger Beach – Lakes (feat. TV Colours) by nuravebrainwave

Sonny & The Sunsets – I Wanna Do It (from Hit After Hit LP)
Sonny And The Sunsets – “I Wanna Do It” by forcefieldpr

High Pop – Drip From The Sea (from Hippie Speed Ball EP)
High Pop – Drip from the Sea by yvynyl

Milk Maid – Such Fun (from Yucca LP)
Milk Maid – Such Fun by nuravebrainwave

Dead Gaze – Fishing With Robert (from Atelier Ciseaux 7″)
DEAD GAZE - Fishing With Robert by atelier ciseaux

Ketamines – Line by Line (from Mammoth Cave Recordings)
Line by Line – Ketamines by NewtownRadio

Royal Headache – Down The Lane (from Royal Headache LP)
Royal Headache – Down The Lane by nuravebrainwave

Bloodshot Bill – Dark Lonely Street (from Thunder & Lightning LP)
Bloodshot Bill – Dark Lonely Street by nuravebrainwave

Fidlar – Oh (from DIYDUI EP)
FIDLAR – Oh by nuravebrainwave

Colleen Green – Green One (from Green One EP)
Colleen Green – Green One by nuravebrainwave

Assassins 88/TV Colours – Lethal (from Assassins 88/TV Colours/Catholic Spray split 7″)
Lethal (with TV Colours) by ASSASSINS 88

Bazooka – I Wanna Fuck All The Girls In My School (from XVIII Records 7″)
Bazooka – I Want to Fuck All the Girls in My School by nuravebrainwave

Feeling some super holiday vibes outside, it’s cold enough to see your own breath at all times, and this Dead Gaze xxxmas jam is somehow making it okay.

mp3: Dead Gaze – Silver Bells

Don’t know why I slept on future Mississippi legend Cole Furlow aka Dead Gaze‘s cut from his new 10″ on Group Tightener, It’s Not Real. Dubbed gonzo-pop by our friends at Weekly Tape Deck, I’m going to have to agree that there is something special about his bizarre and blustery pop songs. I love the way his output has a sublime mix of melancholy and joy. Don’t snooze on this, pick up your copy via Group Tightener.

Dead Gaze – It’s Not Real by Group Tightener

Got damn, I cannot believe it’s the end of March. I say that every month, but March is for sure my favorite month. As everyone in the fucking world knows, its SXSW and it was the greatest time. Here’s some of the best stuff I heard this month.

01 TRMRS – Zombie Party
02 Sex Beet – Alone
03 Shannon & The Clams – Cult Song
04 King Lollipop – Cheeseburger & Fries
05 Bass Drum of Death – GB City
06 Dead Gaze – Fishing With Robert
07 Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats – TANGGOLF
08 Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best
09 Hunx & His Punx If You’re Not Here (I Don’t Know Where You Are)
10 Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights
11 Indian Wars – Took A Trip
12 Mellowhype – Strip Club

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave vs March 2011 Mixtape

If fellow Cats Purring/Mississippi cohort Bass Drum of Death resides in GB City, then Dead Gaze inhabits Jam City because this is my fucking JAM right now. If upon first listen, ‘Fishing With Robert‘ doesn’t sweep you away with the alternatingly ecastic and melancholy melody, you can color me shocked. This is some Sunday morning gold soundz, probably will be described as psychy-lofi-reverbed-out but (regardless of how true it is) all you really need to know is that this song RULES. It’s the closing song to their brand new 3-song 7″ which will kick your ears in via the hip French labels Atelier Ciseaux/La Station Radar. (Thnx to Weekly Tape Dudes)

mp3 | Dead Gaze – Fishing With Robert