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January has gone by so quickly! It’s ridiculous. I’m not sure where the time went, here in California, it’s been mostly warm and sunny but for the rest of the country this winter has brought nothing but wild snowstorms — especially on the east coast. We had our full-stop favorite Virignian band, Eternal Summers, work us up a musical tapestry that has soundtracked their cold January. Give it a listen below and check out their excellent debut LP Silver.

01 The Pixies – Blown Away
02 Nirvana – Negative Creep
03 Curtis Mayfield – Pusher Man
04 Dungen – Marken Lag Stilla
05 Led Zeppelin – No Quarter
06 Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane
07 Lush – Single Girl
08 That’s Us/ Wild Combination – Arthur Russell
09 Hit after Hit – Earth Girl Helen Brown
10 The Grateful Dead – Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion
11 Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay
12 A Tribe Called Quest – We Can Get Down

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave Mixtape – Eternal Summers vs January 2011

Eternal Summers, SAFE AT HOME from Aaron on Vimeo.

For a band called Eternal Summers, I eternally get a super autumnal vibe from them. Either way, I’ve been loving their debut LP, Silver, forever, which you can and should pick up via Kanine Records. Check out their dreamy, 90s inspired video for ‘Safe At Home’ above. Grab my favorite Eternal Summers song below and look forward to hearing what they’ve been listening to this month at the end of January.

mp3 | [download id="162" format="2"]

I love doing year end roundup coverage and I’m still waiting to put up the bands to watch list, so I thought we’d highlight some of the great bands we discovered over the past year. Some of them made our 2011 bands to watch list, some of them didn’t, some of them aren’t even NEW but rest assured they all rule. As per the usual, you can download a great mp3 from each of the bands at the links.

The Strangers Family Band

Les Rallizes Denudes
Best Coast
Happy Birthday

Caitlin Rose
Eternal Summers
Wild Palms
White Fence
Cloud Nothings
Hey Sholay
The Invisible Hand

Fair Ohs
Monster Rally
Family Trees
Silver Machine
Hot Spa
Fergus & Geronimo
The Jim Jones Revue
Jeffertitti’s Nile
Mind Spiders
Shimmering Stars
Young Sinclairs
Son of Rams
The N.E.C
Velvet Davenport
Dominant Legs
The Splinters
The Vaccines
The Babies
Las Robertas
Heavy Hawaii
Francois & The Atlas Mountains
Myelin Sheaths
Pete Drake
Mess Folk
Black Mekon
Man The Hunter
Navajo Bixby
Demon’s Claws
French Kissing
Whatever Brains
The Castillians
Bass Drum of Death
Dead Ghosts
Sonny & The Sandwitches
Crusaders of Love
Bleeding Knees Club
Straight Arrows
Hello My Name Is Red
Sauna Youth
School Knights
Tree Hopping
The Meanest Boys
Ghost Outfit

And due to high demand you can download a track from each artist put into a zip folder right here.

I’m going to make a bold proclamation, Eternal Summers are one of our favorite bands to reside below the Mason Dixon line. Is it weird to say that? If not, you need to check out this really rad video for their song off their excellent LP, Silver, ‘Pogo’. It rules. They rule. Get ready, 2011, some great things are coming for us from Eternal Summers.

mp3 | [download id="162" format="2"]

Photo Courtesy of | Fabio

So it’s that time again, CMJ 2010 is here. Not only do I consider it a homeless man’s version of SXSW, but after my experience at the homeless man’s homeless man version of SXSW here in Brighton called The Great Escape, I’m not sure I’d ever attend CMJ. However, many people do – and it’s in my new favorite place in the world, NYC, obviously – and I thought I’d just go ahead and recommend a few of the 1200 bands playing for your listening pleasure. See below:

01 Ty Segall :: Go fucking see Ty Segall already, if you’ve never seen him, not only do I pity you, but I really question your taste level, Project Runway style. Ty melts faces with his extremely loud, chaotic, hyper catchy tunes on a, let me repeat this, wonderously loud level. Not only is he one of the most talented kids on the block, making the rounds, but he’s so fucking good live. If I remember correctly, his drummer makes scary faces. You’re warned.

02 Golden Animals :: Where the fuck has this band been all my life?! Having caught them at Psych Fest 2009, and then again in LA during one of their Silverlake Lounge Residencies, I’ve been seriously wondering where they fell off my radar but obviously, they’re back. The duo, who have a wonderful affinity for drug rugs and other insane/homeless/glittery stage garb, craft impossibly awesome desert-tinged psych jams that are wildly infectuous. Live, they’re loud as fuck and impress a really wonderful energy upon everything they do – they’re super in sync and always look like they’re having a great time. The dude slays hard on guitar, as well.

03 The Blow :: The Blow also kind of fell off the face of the earth, but I still love this bitch so much. Her voice is ridiculously clear and perfect, effective and not overwhelming. As a lyricist, I really hold her in incredibly high esteem – ‘True Affection’ is one of my favorite love songs of all time. She crafts such astounding songs. The Blow is a massive treat and I wouldn’t miss her if I had the option.

04 Audacity :: These young punks rock the fuck out of everything they touch. I feel really hopefully about this OC band, not only because they really jammed out the last time I saw them at the Echo, but because they’ve got soo much potential, which I’m sure is such an annoying thing to say but they look really young and have some really intensely catchy and noisy songs — I think they’re gonna go somewhere. If you’re looking for the band to watch as they keep on keepin’ on, this is the one.

05 Eternal Summers :: This Virginian duo wrote one of my favorite songs of this year (well, not sure when it was released) ‘Fall Straight Back’ and it’s so fucking perfect for fall. They make seriously woozy and timeless pop jams filtered through a kind of like Virginian-beautiful-backwoods lense. They just released their debut album, ‘Silver’, which I haven’t given enough love yet – but I reckon things are going to kick off for them after CMJ.

mp3 | [download id="159" format="2"]
mp3 | [download id="160" format="2"]
mp3 | [download id="86" format="2"]
mp3 | [download id="161" format="2"]
mp3 | [download id="162" format="2"]

August has been a very strange month, but very good. I’ve been driving so much recently, 1300 miles in the span of about 10 days. Holy shit. These songs have been soundtracking my insane driving and the crazy move that I just made back to the UK and what not… You’ll never know the kind of satisfaction that lugging your own weight in clothing 5,000 miles gives you. However, you can listen to what got me through it below….

01 Kanye West – See Me Now
02 Velvet Davenport – When You Are Out
03 Eternal Summers – Pogo
04 Balkans – Bill Spills
05 Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes
06 Magic Kids – Superball
07 Happy Birthday – Perverted Girl
08 Sweaters – Sky Mall
09 Chuck Berry – La Juanda (Espanol)
10 Wanda Jackson – Making Believe
11 Cee Lo Green – Fuck You
12 Unouomedude – Buildings

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave – August 2010 Mix

The great Virginian duo, Eternal Summers, will release their debut full-length, Silver, September 28 via Kanine. They also have a single out at the end of the month, August 31, for the album’s peppy third track “Pogo”.

mp3 | [download id="106" format="2"]

The great Virginian duo Eternal Summers (whose earlier releases pretty much just slipped my mind during my writing of the top 10 of 2010.5, really) recently sent friends over at GvsB one of their new summer jams called ‘Pure Affection’ which is released through BEKO. It’s slow and dreamy and pretty much a wonderful amalgamation of Eternal Summer (the concept, but also the band) and probably what it’s like to live in Virginia in a big colonial sitting on your porch watching the stars and fireflies late at night. I’m just assuming, though.

The band has also been busy recording and will be releasing their (finally!) debut 12″ entitled “Silver” which will be out mid to late September. They’re also playing with fellow Virginian’s The Invisible Hand who I’ve also been loving recently, so if you’re over in that direction (and sorry about the heat, if you are!) check this show out in Roanoke.

Jul 17 | ROANOKE at the Bazaar w/ Invisible Hand Roanoke, VA

DOWNLOAD -> Eternal Summers – Pure Affection

SHAKE SOME ACTION! PARTEEE from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Expect to catch Reading Rainbow / Eternal Summers / Woven Bones / Lovvers / Banjo or Freakout / Jeff and the Brotherhood / & more during the Shake Some Action! party over three days at Karibu Ethiopian Restaurant (1209 East 7th Street – Austin, TX 78702).

DOWNLOAD ->Eternal Summers – Fall Straight Back

Eternal Summers, Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, Real Estate, Pearl Harbor….. HOLY SHIT everyone best be at this show… It’s going to be AMAZING.

DOWNLOAD -> Eternal Summers – Fall Straight Back