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I always find it really hard to do song of the year posts, so I just put all the music I got in 2011 and picked 25 of my most played and most favorite tracks, some from my favorite albums, some demos and some singles, in no particular order. Enjoy:

Nu Rave Brain Wave Top 25 Songs of 2k11:

The Babies – Sunset (from The Babies LP)
The Babies – Sunset by nuravebrainwave

The Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go (from The Mind Spiders LP)
Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go by nuravebrainwave

MellowHype – Right Here (from BLACKENEDWHITE LP)
Right Here – Mellowhype by NellyDaBeaner

Bobby Chiz – Brooklyn Mouth (Cats Purring Download)
Brooklyn Mouth by BOBBY CHIZ

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend (Unreleased/Leaked)
Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch (from Teen Jamz EP)
Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

Black Lips – New Direction (From Arabia Mountain LP)
Black Lips – New Direction by Biz 3 Publicity

Chill Black Guys – CBG (From CBG Mixtape)
Young Hawaii Slim & Jay Ugh (GBGs) – Chill Black Guy by nuravebrainwave

King Lollipop – Cheeseburger & Fries (from King Lollipop LP)
King Lollipop – Cheesburger and Fries by nuravebrainwave

School Knights – You Read Books (from All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven LP)
School Knights – You Read Books by nuravebrainwave

Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair (from 7″)
Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair by nuravebrainwave

The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage – Bloody Beach Blanket (Unreleased Demo)
Bloody Beach Blanket by St. Knicholas Cage

Monster Rally – The New Optimism (from Deep Sea 7″)
Monster Rally – The New Optimism by nuravebrainwave

Danger Beach – Lakes (feat. TV Colours) (from Dream Damage Records)
Danger Beach – Lakes (feat. TV Colours) by nuravebrainwave

Sonny & The Sunsets – I Wanna Do It (from Hit After Hit LP)
Sonny And The Sunsets – “I Wanna Do It” by forcefieldpr

High Pop – Drip From The Sea (from Hippie Speed Ball EP)
High Pop – Drip from the Sea by yvynyl

Milk Maid – Such Fun (from Yucca LP)
Milk Maid – Such Fun by nuravebrainwave

Dead Gaze – Fishing With Robert (from Atelier Ciseaux 7″)
DEAD GAZE - Fishing With Robert by atelier ciseaux

Ketamines – Line by Line (from Mammoth Cave Recordings)
Line by Line – Ketamines by NewtownRadio

Royal Headache – Down The Lane (from Royal Headache LP)
Royal Headache – Down The Lane by nuravebrainwave

Bloodshot Bill – Dark Lonely Street (from Thunder & Lightning LP)
Bloodshot Bill – Dark Lonely Street by nuravebrainwave

Fidlar – Oh (from DIYDUI EP)
FIDLAR – Oh by nuravebrainwave

Colleen Green – Green One (from Green One EP)
Colleen Green – Green One by nuravebrainwave

Assassins 88/TV Colours – Lethal (from Assassins 88/TV Colours/Catholic Spray split 7″)
Lethal (with TV Colours) by ASSASSINS 88

Bazooka – I Wanna Fuck All The Girls In My School (from XVIII Records 7″)
Bazooka – I Want to Fuck All the Girls in My School by nuravebrainwave

In the UK, people go really apeshit over this thing called the BBC Sound of 2012. Whether they agree or not, my googlereader and twitter feed have been clogged up with shit about this poll done by the popular UK clique of bloggers and music industry people. I, however, was involved with the Blog Sound of 2012, which quite frankly, is also ridiculous but I submitted by picks on the off-chance that one of them might make a sneak appearance in the long-list. Today the long-list was announced, and I only had to laugh because 0 of my picks got on the list. I wonder how many other bloggers were completely shut out of this blog-sound of 2012 thing? Probably none. What follows, is the list of the Blog Sound of 2012 and then my list and why each one of those bands should be on the list, but isn’t…

Houdini Dax
Lianne La Havas
Theme Park 
French Wives
The Good Natured
Alt J
The Jezabels
Lucy Rose
Rachel Sermanni
Beth Jeans Houghton

I mean, one of these bands was described as “Mumford & Son approved folk”. I don’t think I need to make any other comment.

Nu Rave Brain Wave Blog Sound of 2012 picks: (not to be confused with my tips for 2012, coming later)

The Bell Peppers – An unbelievable Manchester trio (or duo, now, not sure) that makes ridiculously smooth, effortless, fresh 50s/60s doo-wop-pop and an album of Nirvana covers that ruled. If they don’t release something in 2012, I’ll just have to go back up to Manchester and harass them (consider this done once already).

mp3: The Bell Peppers – Cry Baby

Fidlar – Straight up the best punk band in LA. If FIDLAR don’t make an impact in 2012, I will eat my foot.

mp3: Fidlar – Oh

Pangea – Straight up the second best punk band in LA. If Pangea don’t go somewhere in 2012, I’ll eat my other foot and install prosthetic feet with roller skates attached to them.

mp3: Pangea – Shitty

Ghost Outfit – Another Manchester pick, wrote one of my favorite songs of 2011 and just released a sick 7″. They’re definitely going somewhere with their deft command of noisy pop songs.

mp3: Ghost Outfit – I Was Good When I Was Young

Royal Headache – This Aussie band released an album in 2011 (one of my favorites of the year) and were mostly overlooked which is why 2012 will probably see them make some sort of definite name for themselves.

mp3: Royal Headache – Down The Lane

Blogs involved in the Blog Sound of 2012:Breaking More WavesGod Is In the TVSweeping The NationThe Von Pip Musical Express, The RecommenderFaded GlamourDrunken WerewolfFlying With AnnaNot Many Experts,Underclassed Idle IdeasSonic MasalaMudkissThe Pop CopThe Ring MasterBoth Bars OnMusic From A Green WindowDots And DashesThe Daily GrowlAnd Everyone’s A DJKowolskiyJust Music That I Like,Cruel RhythmThe Blue WalrusMusic Fans MicSeventeen SecondsEaten By MonstersSeven Sevens,UnpeeledNew Rave Brain Wave (LOL)PeenkoMusic Liberation and Song By Toad.

Late Summer (or as other people with seasons know it, Autumn) is my favorite time of the year, mainly because October brings my birthday and perfect weather (in LA, anyway, English October is meh) and Halloween – the best holiday of the year. I chose 11 songs for my first of three Halloween mixes to celebrate the best holiday there is. This one has some classics on it, some 60s goodness, some weird, wild, and warped sounds and, naturally, some flat out kickin’ garage jams. Btw is it just me or is Boris Pickett hitting multiple bongs in the beginning of Monster Mash, or what?

01 Tracey Jordan – Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
02 Boris Pickett – Monster Mash
03 Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking
04 Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack The Ripper
05 Rock n Roll Adventure Kids – Wildman
06 The Syndicats – Crawdaddy Simone
07 Slug Guts – Wild Country
08 Yussuf Jerusalem – Blast From The Past
09 Fidlar – Oh
10 Toto & The Bad Eggs – Dead School Girl
11 Black Mekon – Brown Lullaby

mp3: A Nu Rave Brain Wave Halloween Mixtape [41.9 mb]

Fidlar, short for “fuck it dog, life’s a risk’, have somehow managed to become Los Angeles’ best band in the span of a few short months. Everyone seems to be getting onboard with their jams, which have been soaked in a children’s blow-up pool filled with beer, rattled through a Keystone Light can, and kicked around with a thousand cigarette butts before hitting our ears. Fidlar do unmarred, catchy as all get out garage punk. They master the art of mixing soft melodies with absolute supreme rippage on made for the repeat button Oh, off their White Iris DIYDUI EP, and damn, I bet they rip live.

mp3: Fidlar – Oh

I don’t know why on Earth I didn’t get into Los Angeles’ Fidlar sooner. These punks have the kind of swagger I love, the kind that makes you say stuff like “we formed a band to party and play music, but mostly party” — and that’s exactly what you get with these dudes. ‘Wake Bake Skate‘ is the kind of stupid stoner anthem that is applicable to all party people, hitting you like a punch to the chest or a shotgunned beer to the dome. Is there a polite way to say that if Sum 41 was an awesome garage punk band, this is the kind of song they’d make? Regardless, these dudes kick ass. Get on the bandwagon.

DIYDUI, released back in April via Los Angeles’ great label White Iris, can be picked up, quickly, right here.

mp3: Fidlar – Wake Bake Skate