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As a part of our year-end 2k11 coverage, I just wanted to remind everyone of the awesome bands that I’ve written about this year. These are all the Introducing pieces that I did throughout 2k11 about amazing new up-and-comers etc, in descending order:

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introducing: the teen velvettes
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introducing: the migs
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introducing: theme park
introduing: teenage moonlight borderliners
introducing: hank haint
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introducing: king lollipop
introducing: tandoori knights
introducing: tv colours
introducing: hanni el khatib
introducing: personal & the pizzas
introducing: thee ludds
introducing: bitch prefect
introducing: swimsuit
introducing: eagulls
introducing: childish gambino
introducing: estrogen highs

I can’t believe I haven’t written about former Leeds resident Hank Haint yet. I always miss support bands, sometimes out of choice because I’m lazy and would rather be sitting in my bed before a show, sometimes from being on the patio, or in this case, vomiting girlishly in a bush somewhere, but I was at a show Hank Haint played at back in December (opening for Thee Oh Sees, for context) but, I missed him. It’s okay, though, because apparently there was tons of equipment problems. And since Hank plays as just one man, trying to handle guitar, harmonica, bass drum, hi-hat and vocals at the same time — well, it wasn’t super excellent. However, his music is super fucking exciting. It’s a ramshackle and home-grown blues/garage punk hybrid that is more glorious than my pigeonholing would have you believe. There’s not much out there on this dude, yet, but ‘Problomatic‘ is as sublime a slice of raucousness as I’ve heard in a while. Reminds me of early Ty Segall if he listened only to really obscure blues comps.

mp3: Hank Haint – Problomatic