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 Nu Rave Brain Wave Top 10 Albums, Top 5 EPs, and Top 5 7″s of 2011:

Top 5 7″ of 2011:
05 Bitch Prefect – 7″ (RIP Society Records)

This is really breezy and effortless pop songs done in the best kind of way from Aussie upstarts Bitch Prefect.

04 The Growlers – Gay Thoughts 7″ (Everloving Records)

It wouldn’t be a NRBW list without a mention of the Growlers, but despite having the mp3s of this record for months before the Record Store Day exclusive release, I still waited for over an hour at Origami Vinyl to buy a copy. So, I guess it’s pretty good.

03 Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair 7″ (Suffering Jukebox)

Brown Brogues are undoubtably one of my favorite discoveries of this year and this is probably like the best anthem written this year that I’m aware of.

02 Catholic Spray/Assassins88//TV Colours – Split 7″ (XVIII Records)

I would’ve bought this record for Catholic Spray’s sinister, weird garage punk rippers, but the collaboration of hands down two of the best bands in the world the Australian super fuzzed out, stunningly catchy team of Assassins 88 and Dream Damage label mates TV Colours is absolutely astounding.

01 TV Colours / Assassins 88 – Split 7″ (Dream Damage Records)

That’s right, Dream Damage’s split between these two Aussie bands is the greatest piece of wax I bought this year. Both TV Colours jams have been replayed over and over to the billionth power, they’re both sonic fuzz bombs that are so ridiculously catchy and perfect for the gym (this is a compliment, btw). The exact same goes for Assassins 88 side. I just find it hard to fault a single thing either band does.

top 10 EPs of 2011:

05 Bummer High – Lost Highway (Green Burrito Records)

I fell immediately in love with Bummer High‘s Lost Highway, and it’s not all due to the fact that it was released on a label called Green Burrito. Their whimsical, twangin’, psych-country-garage is absolutely wonderful and if you like fellow Canadian brethren Demon’s Claws, Dead Ghosts, or Indian Wars, this is for you.

04 Toto & The Bad Eggs – Wallet Droppin’ (PNKSLM Recordings)

The closest thing to a garage-punk supergroup that the UK is going to see for probably quite some time, Toto & The Bad Eggs contains members of Sex Beet, Jerry Tropicano and Brown Brogues who each take my personal favorite parts of the music they make in their original bands and bring it to this EP. Obviously, it’s pretty special.

03 Ghost Outfit – Young Ghosts EP (Self Released)

Haven’t been able to stop listening to this Ghost Outfit EP since it’s been given to me, which I think was 2010, but fuck it, it’s so good it deserves a place on my 2011 list as well. Not only do they make weird and haunting noisy songs, but they also make expert pop songs.

02 The Bell Peppers – Cooking With The Bell Peppers (Self Released)

This fine Manchester duo put out the best self-released EP that showcases their slicked-back, cry-baby garage-blues-r’n'b in the most effortless and just straight up fucking cool way ever. I would buy at least three copies if this was released on any format.

01 The Growlers/Thee Ludds 12″ Split (Palmist Records)

Although the Growlers songs were technically not new in 2011, I think it’s a testament that they hold up so strongly to even a fan as well versed in their catalogue as I am — their beach goth, drip-drop-drip, swamp stomps have always sounded incredibly fresh and illuminating and the UK should feel lucky to have this released for them. Thee Ludds frenzied astral-psych-punk pulls strongly from the same 60s references as the Growlers but makes it new like a bucket of water to the face. In a good way.

Honorable Mentions:
Die Jungen – $
Carnivores – Chandelier EP
Ty Segall – Ty Rex
Cosmonauts – New Psychic Denim EP
Thee Oh Sees/Total Control Split EP

Top 10 LPs of 2011

10 Kanye West & Jay Z – Watch The Throne

I’m not angry when people talk about wealth, but maybe that’s because the best advice I ever received is surround yourself with wealth.

09 Royal Headache – S/T (XVIII Records)

This record literally came out of nowhere and really hit me hard. I hope I always have a soft spot for succinct, groovy power pop with soulful vocals. The buzzwords I had to use to describe Australia’s Royal Headache are grotesque, but this album is incredible.

08 Mind Spiders – The Mind Spiders (Dirtnap Records)

Denton, TX’s salvation, Mind Spiders, put this record out in the early portion of the year, but their brand of fast and loose garage rock filled with quick hits, the catchiest song you’ve ever heard (Don’t Let Her Go) and a ballad. This is a whip-smart garage punk record.

07 Cosmonauts – S/T (Permanent Records)

Cosmonauts are one of the most underrated bands to come out of the Burger scene, and this LP is filled with buzzing psychedelic, ramshackle punk punk, and rhythm ‘n 12 bar blues jams all jumbled together and vomited back up into the form of this excellent, excellent record.

06 The Castillians – Show Your Teeth (Cold Rice Records)

A long-awaited debut collection of 100% hits from the UK’s most underrated garage band, The Castillians,  as strong as any I’ve heard this year.

05 Shannon & The Clams – Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4 Go! Records)

I have the biggest love for Shannon of Shannon & the Clams, and this album is a beautiful dose of weird, wild 50s doo-wop garage-pop that while awesome, always seems (for me at least) to take the back seat to Shannon’s incredible voice. But then again, I could listen to hear sing the Wikipedia for Grizzly Bear and it would actually make it worth listening to.

04 School Knights – All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven (Dracula Horse)

I have fallen in love with everything that School Knights have ever done, and I’m not ashamed of that. Although half of these songs had already been released on Rush SK EP, they sound as fresh as ever and the new jams (previously heard by my ears only live) prove that they’re one of the best bands that I’m aware of. Their balls-to-the-wall attitude live, their use of absolutely infectuous riffs, drum slammage and heavy use of reverb is flat out perfect on this album.

03 Mellowhype – BlackenedWhite (Fat Possum)

The best rap album that was released (or, um, reissued) was hands down MellowHype. I’ve always found Hodgy Beats to be the most fascinating member and best rapper in OF, his work with LeftBrain is engaging, thoughtful and most importantly catchy as balls.

02 Bass Drum of Death – GB City (Fat Possum)

This album is an undeniable ass-slaying ripper from start to finish. If it’s not tailor made to be played as loud as possible, with heads banging, I don’t know what it’s for. I do know that each jam could be a stand-alone single. It’s effortless, catchy, and punk as fuck.

01 The Babies – The Babies (Shrimper Records)

It’s hard to write a sentence about why this Babies record is my favorite, but it’s a collection of horrendously underrated treasure pop gems that jangle, fuzz and snap with fervent wildness and a little bit of Americana seen through a garage rock kaleidoscope. It’s not certainly not a faultless record but it’s gotten better with a year of listening behind me.

Honorable Mentions
The Beets – Stay Home
Black Lips – Arabia Mountain
Pangea – Living Dummy
The Strange Boys – Live Music
Diarrhea Planet – Loose Jewels
TRMRS – Sea Change
Cumstain – Why Don’t You Kill Yourself Scumbag Your Mother Wont Miss U
Monster Rally – Coral
Dirty Beaches – Badlands
Hunx & His Punx – Too Young To Be In Love

I always find it really hard to do song of the year posts, so I just put all the music I got in 2011 and picked 25 of my most played and most favorite tracks, some from my favorite albums, some demos and some singles, in no particular order. Enjoy:

Nu Rave Brain Wave Top 25 Songs of 2k11:

The Babies – Sunset (from The Babies LP)
The Babies – Sunset by nuravebrainwave

The Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go (from The Mind Spiders LP)
Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go by nuravebrainwave

MellowHype – Right Here (from BLACKENEDWHITE LP)
Right Here – Mellowhype by NellyDaBeaner

Bobby Chiz – Brooklyn Mouth (Cats Purring Download)
Brooklyn Mouth by BOBBY CHIZ

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend (Unreleased/Leaked)
Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes

Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch (from Teen Jamz EP)
Gross Magic – Sweetest Touch by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing

Black Lips – New Direction (From Arabia Mountain LP)
Black Lips – New Direction by Biz 3 Publicity

Chill Black Guys – CBG (From CBG Mixtape)
Young Hawaii Slim & Jay Ugh (GBGs) – Chill Black Guy by nuravebrainwave

King Lollipop – Cheeseburger & Fries (from King Lollipop LP)
King Lollipop – Cheesburger and Fries by nuravebrainwave

School Knights – You Read Books (from All Dawgz Go 2 Heaven LP)
School Knights – You Read Books by nuravebrainwave

Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair (from 7″)
Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair by nuravebrainwave

The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage – Bloody Beach Blanket (Unreleased Demo)
Bloody Beach Blanket by St. Knicholas Cage

Monster Rally – The New Optimism (from Deep Sea 7″)
Monster Rally – The New Optimism by nuravebrainwave

Danger Beach – Lakes (feat. TV Colours) (from Dream Damage Records)
Danger Beach – Lakes (feat. TV Colours) by nuravebrainwave

Sonny & The Sunsets – I Wanna Do It (from Hit After Hit LP)
Sonny And The Sunsets – “I Wanna Do It” by forcefieldpr

High Pop – Drip From The Sea (from Hippie Speed Ball EP)
High Pop – Drip from the Sea by yvynyl

Milk Maid – Such Fun (from Yucca LP)
Milk Maid – Such Fun by nuravebrainwave

Dead Gaze – Fishing With Robert (from Atelier Ciseaux 7″)
DEAD GAZE - Fishing With Robert by atelier ciseaux

Ketamines – Line by Line (from Mammoth Cave Recordings)
Line by Line – Ketamines by NewtownRadio

Royal Headache – Down The Lane (from Royal Headache LP)
Royal Headache – Down The Lane by nuravebrainwave

Bloodshot Bill – Dark Lonely Street (from Thunder & Lightning LP)
Bloodshot Bill – Dark Lonely Street by nuravebrainwave

Fidlar – Oh (from DIYDUI EP)
FIDLAR – Oh by nuravebrainwave

Colleen Green – Green One (from Green One EP)
Colleen Green – Green One by nuravebrainwave

Assassins 88/TV Colours – Lethal (from Assassins 88/TV Colours/Catholic Spray split 7″)
Lethal (with TV Colours) by ASSASSINS 88

Bazooka – I Wanna Fuck All The Girls In My School (from XVIII Records 7″)
Bazooka – I Want to Fuck All the Girls in My School by nuravebrainwave

I don’t usually post stuff like this but this Spike Jonze directed joint features a Kanye & Jay that look good enough to call the papparazzi on theyself. I can’t wait to see these two on December 12th at the Staples Center in those $250 seats. Oh yeah.

mp3: Jay-Z & Kanye West (Feat. Otis Redding) – Otis

July’s been a great month although England can’t decide if its summer or if it’s constantly raining. However, I’ve been upbeat all month and this mix reflects that sunny disposition that I rarely am caught with. Normally, I go for current songs that I’ve been listening to during the month, however, this is all retro throwback except for one. Enjoy.

01 The Shirelles – Mama Said
02 Chuck Berry – Too Pooped To Pop
03 Lesley Gore – That’s The Way Boys Are
04 The Kingsmen – Louie Louie
05 The Monks – That’s My Girl
06 Carla Thomas – Gee Whiz It’s Christmas
07 Smith – Baby It’s you
08 The Dovers – What Am I Going To Do
09 Chuck Berry – Betty Jean
10 Kanye West & Jay Z feat Otis Redding – Otis
11 The Chi-Lites – Too Good To Be Forgotten
12 The Sonics – Night Time Is The Right Time

mp3: Nu Rave Brain Wave x July 2k11 | zip file [44mb]

When July 4th’s tantalizing rumour that the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration album Watch The Throne would leak turned out to be 100% false, I was completely disheartened. My continued love for the first track, the polarizing H.A.M, has got me waiting on the edge of my seat for the first week of August, when the album will actually see the light of day. Below is the second cut off the album, the brilliant Otis Redding sampling ‘Otis’. A lot of people have said that it just makes them want to listen to the original. However, I do not. This is incredible. I cannot wait for more, and if you can… well, whatever, Ye and Jay rule.

mp3: Jay-Z & Kanye West (Feat. Otis Redding) – Otis

I am an unapologetic lover of Kanye West. My mom and I have been fans since the first album and we went to see him together in Irvine, CA in 2005. Needless to say, he was flawless and the small electric orchestra that he had when I saw him just took things to a whole new level. So when I was trying to find out if Drop The Throne, the mythical Jay/’Ye collaboration album, had leaked, I came across Late Orchestration. The 2006 live album was recorded in front of 300 people at Abbey Road Studios. Ye is backed by a seventeen-piece (of course) all female orchestra and honestly, it reminds me of how good he was live, how good his early material is and how much I want him to tour again so I can see his spectacle. Below are three of my favorite early Kanye songs from this album, enjoy:

mp3: Kanye West – Through The Wire
mp3: Kanye West – Gone (Feat. Consequence)
mp3: Kanye West – Late

When I read on Twitter that Kanye’s infamous ‘Mama’s Boyfriend‘ had found its way onto the internet today, I had to have it. Coming from the My BeautifulDark Twisted Fantasy session, this became much raved about after his performance at Facebook HQ then was left off the album… And I don’t really know why because I love it, but I love pretty much everything Kanye’s done. Also, I really needed to find a legitimate way to post this picture everywhere I go.

mp3: Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend

So I’m a pretty hard Kanye West fan, and I don’t think his track with Jay Z, ‘H.A.M‘, went over particularly spectacularly given who was on the track, but this is one of my favorite songs to work out to. And at some benefit party in New York, they played it live and it’s pretty fucking awesome. I need to see Kanye again ASAP. Haven’t seen him since his first album tour and apparently he goes H.A.M now. Fucking right.

mp3: Kanye West & Jay Z – H.A.M.

Having written my top 10 list quite a while back (I’m not one of those who listens to a million albums I didn’t get to or like, actually remembers the ones I liked throughout the year) it was inevitable that I missed out on approx. 10 great records that should have made my list, and one in particular could’ve probably been like number two. All of the following records are great and I just wanted to say that since I didn’t get to write one setence blurbs about why they’re amazing.

Black Mekon | Broke Into Always On | Cold Rice
mp3 | [download id="153" format="2"]

Demon’s Claws | The Defrosting Of… | In The Red
mp3 | [download id="174" format="2"]

Sonny & The Sunsets | Tomorrow Is Alright | Soft Abuse
mp3 | [download id="193" format="2"]

Woods | At Echo Lake | Woodsist
mp3 | [download id="281" format="2"]

Cum Stain | Cum Stain | Burger Records
mp3 | [download id="268" format="2"]

Thee Oh Sees | Warm Slime | In The Red
mp3 | [download id="254" format="2"]

The Mantles | The Mantles | Siltbreeze
mp3 | [download id="282" format="2"]

Kanye West | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy | Roc-A-Fella
mp3 | Kanye West (feat. Beyonce, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson) – See Me Now

Tijuana Panthers
| Max Baker | Burger Records
mp3 | [download id="242" format="2"]

Moonhearts | S/T | Tic Tac Totally
mp3 | [download id="237" format="2"]

I know Kanye a jerk, how could you say that? / He rode me and my momma round in his Mayback / What kind of jerk is that? / What kind of jerk says y’all? / Fuck it, if he a jerk, I bet you jerk him off / Bet you take it off, chase him through the mall



mp3 | Kanye West – See Me Now (feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson)