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When I fell backwards over the railings at the Green Door Store last night, screaming Derek Holland, I had this mix in my mind. Dance to this shit, motherfuckers!

01 Bob Dylan – Sittin’ On A Barbed Wire Fence
02 Almighty Defenders – The Ghost With The Most
03 Lafayette Thomas – The Thing
04 The Growlers - Camino Muerto
05 Bazooka – I Wanna Fuck All The Girls In My School
06 Flight – Witch Hunt Town
07 UV Race – Burn The Cat
08 Nobunny – Hocus Pocus
09 Catholic Spray – Beast In The Bushes
10 Woven Bones – Your Sorcery
11 Thee Ludds – Where To Begin
12 The Spooks – Now I’m A Ghost

mp3: Nu Rave Brain Wave x Halloween: A Mixtape [53.5mb]

I can’t believe February is almost here, but here is a rad show to get you pumped for what I like to refer to as ‘The Worst Month’ of the entire year. Let’s get it out of the way and I think Nobunny wants to help with this Nobunny Luvs You! show on February 11th at the 6th Street Warehouse in Los Angeles. It’s being thrown by LA Record (the greats!) and is private, RSVP is necessary (email: RSVP@LARecord.com) and it’ll be $10 on the door with the RSVP.With the rest of the bands and DJs, I wouldn’t miss this!

mp3 | [download id="217" format="2"]

Scion’s A/V Club are back with another raging 7″ featuring two of NRBW’s favorites: Nobunny & Florida’s Jaccuzi Boys. Nobunny’s accoustic little ditty ‘Someone Else’s Brain’ brings to mind some sort of summery day eating cotton candy, except with someone in a man-thong and a bunny mask. It’s garage pop weirdness. It’s awesome. Jaccuzi Boys go a little more fast and furious on their side with ‘Coral Girls’, and of course, it’s a ripper about girls. It also rules. Jump on this, and thank Scion whilst you’re at it.

mp3 | [download id="246" format="2"]
mp3 | [download id="247" format="2"]

Vice is teaming up with some great LA people including LA Weekly, to bring us Los Angelinos what will probably end up being one of the top 3 gigs of December. Headliners OFF! will be supported by the ridiculously awesome Thee Oh Sees, who I adore retarded amounts and the fantastical/disugsting Nobunny. It’s also FUCKING FREE so there’s no excuse not to be there. It’s gonna rule. See you there.

mp3 | [download id="145" format="2"]
mp3 | [download id="217" format="2"]

Do you live in or attend school in Irvine? Frankly, I hope not. But, if you do, this weekend will probably be the best event to be held near you since that time Mia and I went to Irvine to see Doug Benson and heard portions of the Marijuanalogues. The people at Acrobatics Everyday have brought you a mini-festival that takes place this weekend on Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20th at UC Irvine. They actually got some pretty rad bands including an NRBW favorite, Nobunny, among others. Tickets are pretty cheap at $14 for both days and $7 and $10 for Friday and Saturday respectively.

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Sunday is going to be an awesome day for us all here in Los Angeles. Here’s what’s going on:

New Joisey’s new-on-the-garage-scene Slow Animal are coming into town. If you missed them on Friday at Echo Curio (with the awesome Weed Diamond) then you’re gonna wanna cruise down to Origami Vinyl (slowly becoming the best place on earth – and not just due to free shows, free beer and proximity to the Echo) on Sunday at 7pm to catch these fuzzy rockers. I’ve had their single, theFUNsun, which is out now through Jaxart (who if you don’t know, found Avi Buffalo so you know they’ve got a keen sense), stuck in my head since it got sent my way. I’m not gonna give you a list of bands who they sound like, but if you like what I like in the Garage rock arena – you’re gonna like these dudes. Download their mp3 below and come down on Sunday!

7/25 – Slow Animal & Origami Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA (FREE SHOW)

mp3 | [download id="81" format="2"]

Following that, the Echo has an amazing show with the Black Lips approved Spits, supported by the great NoBunny and OC’s adorable Audacity.

The Spits w/ NoBunny & Audacity
@ The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd)
Doors 6pm / $12 advance, $14 on the door

mp3 | [download id="82" format="2"]



8 Real Life Bands picked up off the streets of Europe, New York, San Francisco, and our very own Los Angeles.

On the South Lawn at Pomona (the grass below SCC), melding from Lawn Sports to Live Music.

Burgers and veggie burgers (probably if i can figure out how to grill on south lawn) and other food and drinks.

100% Free for you.

1 day of rockin’ and rollin’ and surfin’ and punkin’ and folkin’ and bouncin’ and chowin’ and drinkin’ and dancin’ and sunnin’!

NO CHELLA 2010 PLAYLIST: http://nochella.tumblr.com/

DOWNLOAD THE PLAYLIST HERE (It’s great!): http://www.mediafire.com/?zwxo2nnym5j

5:00 pm – Avi Buffalo
6:00 – Pepper Rabbit
7:00 – The Moonhearts
8:00 – Tijuana Panthers
9:00 – Male Bonding
10:00 – Happy Hollows
11: 00 – Nobunny
12:00 – Ezra Furman & The Harpoons