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As a part of our year-end 2k11 coverage, I just wanted to remind everyone of the awesome bands that I’ve written about this year. These are all the Introducing pieces that I did throughout 2k11 about amazing new up-and-comers etc, in descending order:

introducing: mr elevator & the brain hotel
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introducing: hypocrite in a hippy crypt
introducing: high pop
introducing: bummer high
introducing: the teen velvettes
introducing: salsa chips
introducing: something men
introducing: best friends
introducing: omi palome
introducing: allah-las
introducing: the fabulous st. knicholas cage
introducing: the high drops
introducing: peach kelli pop
introducing: bobby chiz
introducing: khanwood clarke
introducing: the migs
introducing: guadalupe plata
introducing: theme park
introduing: teenage moonlight borderliners
introducing: hank haint
introducing: zyklon beach
introducing: tomorrows tulips
introducing: dune rats
introducing: the bell peppers
introducing: catholic spray
introducing: trmrs
introducing: lab coast
introducing: milk maid
introducing: king lollipop
introducing: tandoori knights
introducing: tv colours
introducing: hanni el khatib
introducing: personal & the pizzas
introducing: thee ludds
introducing: bitch prefect
introducing: swimsuit
introducing: eagulls
introducing: childish gambino
introducing: estrogen highs

A few weeks ago, I went to our bros Sex Is Disgusting show with the fantastic Grass Widow headlining and these formerly-unknown-to-me dudes, Omi Palome. Although all three bands on the bill were awesome, I was particularly charmed by this new London four piece. There’s something deeply and inherently gloomy about the vocals, but it contrasts spectacularly with their special little brand of light garage pop. It was recommended as something that fans of the Babies might enjoy and I think, not only is that an apt comparison, they’re very similar bands. There’s quite a rustic charm to both bands, although Omi Palome lacks the deep rooted sort of Americana of the Babies, their own Big Book of British (wry) Smiles magnetism works really well too.

If you’re in London, they’re playing with Let’s Wrestle at the Shacklewell Arms on July 20th.

mp3: Omi Palome – Fire Escape