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As a part of our year-end 2k11 coverage, I just wanted to remind everyone of the awesome bands that I’ve written about this year. These are all the Introducing pieces that I did throughout 2k11 about amazing new up-and-comers etc, in descending order:

introducing: mr elevator & the brain hotel
introducing: toto & the bad eggs (feat jerry tropicano, brown brogues & sex beet members)
introducing: hypocrite in a hippy crypt
introducing: high pop
introducing: bummer high
introducing: the teen velvettes
introducing: salsa chips
introducing: something men
introducing: best friends
introducing: omi palome
introducing: allah-las
introducing: the fabulous st. knicholas cage
introducing: the high drops
introducing: peach kelli pop
introducing: bobby chiz
introducing: khanwood clarke
introducing: the migs
introducing: guadalupe plata
introducing: theme park
introduing: teenage moonlight borderliners
introducing: hank haint
introducing: zyklon beach
introducing: tomorrows tulips
introducing: dune rats
introducing: the bell peppers
introducing: catholic spray
introducing: trmrs
introducing: lab coast
introducing: milk maid
introducing: king lollipop
introducing: tandoori knights
introducing: tv colours
introducing: hanni el khatib
introducing: personal & the pizzas
introducing: thee ludds
introducing: bitch prefect
introducing: swimsuit
introducing: eagulls
introducing: childish gambino
introducing: estrogen highs

Got a really rad email over from our bro Paul, formerly of Myelin Sheaths, about this record series that they’re doing for a bunch of Canadian provinces. From the success of their earlier attempts at Bloodstains across Alberta and BC comes Bloodstains Across Ontario, and I don’t need to keep constantly reminding you that Canada has one of the best garage/punk scenes right now and a ton of really great bands feature on this compilation. Besides hearing exclusive songs from White Wires, Peach Kelli Pop, Young Governor and TONETTA (!!!), there’s a completely unreleased jam from Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Of course, this is my first introduction to the influenctial Toronto legends who made the Kids In The Hall theme. This is a special addition to the album, and you can stream the whole thing below.

Grab the mp3s for the cheap ass price of $5 CAD via Bandcamp or get your hands on the 7″ via Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Peach Kelli Pop is the somewhat solo moniker of White Wire’s Allie Hanlon. Although she does all the recording herself, her twin sister Emily and fellow White Wires dude Ian back her live. I have heard nothing but excellent things about this band on record and live for the past couple of months, and checking it out myself was probably one o’ the best things I’ve done in a while. Peach Kelli Pop is essentially a perky, retro-garage-pop record that revels in the fact that simplicity can be king. Delighfully energetic, seriously wonky, and catchy as all hell, I can’t really find fault in this record. I’m seriously obsessed with ‘Do The Eggroll’, which got a effing cute video made for it, which sort of subverts and out-weirds those 60s pop records by saying stuff like ‘do the egg roll!’, ‘do the hotdog!’ etc. If you need any more convincing, their self-titled LP is being re-released by the incredibly impeccable Nashville label, Infinity Cat.

mp3: Peach Kelli Pop – Do The Eggroll