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Shout out to this holiday for making me feel more foreign and overwhelmed by Union Jack bunting & this damn cutout at my work (see the above incredible art I did for this mix) but I did want to celebrate Englishness by putting together a few of my favorite songs by English bands (well, except for Low Cut Connie but they have an English person in the band, so I guess it counts):

01 Low Cut Connie – Right Here
02 Virals – Magic Happens
03 Sealings – Milkshake
04 Brown Brogues – Wildman
05 Dolfinz – Whatever, Forever
06 The Castillians – Hold My Tongue
07 Bos Angeles – Days of Youth
08 French Kissing – Love Is For
09 Jerry Tropicano – 19/4/89
10 Chapter Sweetheart – Today the Truth
11 The Bell Peppers – Monquito’s Dinner

Um…. it’s practically December. What the actual fuck!

01 Ty Segall – Fuzzy Cat
02 Sealings – Milkshake
03 Josh Rouse & The Long Vacations – Hots Full of Love
04 Guitar Slim Green with Johnny & Shuggie Otis – Play On Little Girl
05 Levon & The Hawks – The Stones I Throw
06 The Jelly Roll Kings – Road of Love
07 The Phantom Surfers – Pleasure Point (18 Deadly Ones)
08 Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel – My Purple I
09 Demon’s Claws – Dirtiest Girl
10 Boy Crush – Girls Don’t Like Me
11 Pangea – Shitty
12 The Barreracudas – Don’t Roll Your Eyes

mp3: NRBW x November 2011 Mixtape | zip file [52.2mb]

Our bros in my newest favorite band, Sealings, have created a mixtape for Ward Magazine that actually fucking rules. Containing rippers by Muckafurgason, Old Forest, and Keel Her, it’s something that has made my horrible day of hungover train journeys much better. They’re also playing for free at the Shacklewell Arms on November 15th for Ward Magazine’s 6th launch party. Don’t be a fool and miss it. Listen to the mixtape below.


Brighton’s Sealings have been playing around quite a bit recently and have been garnering some attention from our buds at Basement Fever amongst others and it’s pretty easy to see why. Although I have no idea if these songs have any plans for release, but since their appearance on Sealings soundcloud, I’ve been hooked most particularly to Rail Means Rail. I find the combination of really sinister sort of vibes and the ‘ooh-ah’s with the tense surf guitar riffs and just the level of noise to be absolutely perfect. I can’t get this out of my head.

mp3: Sealings – Rail Means Rail