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I’ve wanted a grill FOREVER and I don’t care how uncool or weird it is that I want one. Fuck you if you hate it, I’m getting one regardless of the fact that I am both white and a female. I was all set to make my May 2012 playlist songs that only discuss my one, true, burning desire of getting a grill, but then I realized that I’m a failure because I don’t have any. And then I discovered one.

You’re welcome! But listen below, to my actual May 2012 playlist. It’s a weird mix.

01 Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe
02 Spaceghostpurrp – No Evidence (Edit)
03 The Tammys – Egyptian Shumba
04 Mary Wells – Bye Bye Baby
05 King Tuff – Evergreen
06 Slug Guts – Stranglin’ You Too
07 Total Slacker – Oblivion (Grimes Cover)
08 Thurston Harris featuring Rufus Hunter – Purple Stew
09 King Khan & The Shrines – Bite My Tongue
10 Les Guillotines – L’Absinthe
11 Jack of Heart – San Francisco
12 Shirley & Lee – The Flirt

mp3: NRBW x May 2012 Mix

Late Summer (or as other people with seasons know it, Autumn) is my favorite time of the year, mainly because October brings my birthday and perfect weather (in LA, anyway, English October is meh) and Halloween – the best holiday of the year. I chose 11 songs for my first of three Halloween mixes to celebrate the best holiday there is. This one has some classics on it, some 60s goodness, some weird, wild, and warped sounds and, naturally, some flat out kickin’ garage jams. Btw is it just me or is Boris Pickett hitting multiple bongs in the beginning of Monster Mash, or what?

01 Tracey Jordan – Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
02 Boris Pickett – Monster Mash
03 Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking
04 Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack The Ripper
05 Rock n Roll Adventure Kids – Wildman
06 The Syndicats – Crawdaddy Simone
07 Slug Guts – Wild Country
08 Yussuf Jerusalem – Blast From The Past
09 Fidlar – Oh
10 Toto & The Bad Eggs – Dead School Girl
11 Black Mekon – Brown Lullaby

mp3: A Nu Rave Brain Wave Halloween Mixtape [41.9 mb]

Another grand band coming to us from the former criminal population of Australia, Slug Guts have been making waves all over the world this year, and their beautiful amalgamation of dark country twang and destructive punk-noir is to thank. I just got done playing Red Dead Redemption, which may account for my choosing this song off their sophomore album, Howlin’ Gang. ‘Wild Country‘ is a song that would have made my playing experience so much more incredible — sinister, angular guitars mix with deep, almost demonic vocals, evoking a barren desert feel where you can almost see the wild west gunslingers roaming around, shooting each other. This rules.

Howlin’ Gang is available off of the impeccable Sacred Bones. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, pay them a visit and get on it.

mp3: Slug Guts – Wild Country