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Y’all know I’m pretty heavy into OFWGKTA and I think that I have evaluated the situation and Hodgy Beats might be my favorite. I think it’s cuz he’s little, but I love him and he and Domo Genesis just released this mp3 where they go hard over Wu’s 4th Chamber. Their’s is called “TANGGOLF” and it is really fucking awesome and you need to grab it below.

Ps. Pre-order of Goblin anyone?

mp3 | Domo Genesis + Hodgy Beats – TANGGOLF

Best – OFWGKTA @ Vice Late Night Party, Saturday :: I didn’t think I was going to be able to fit in an Odd Future gig which was depressing because it was one of the things I wanted to see the most. Major props to the people who made it possible for me to see this — the line was crazy as fuck, and I don’t even know how I got in, but thank you! I got to catch the tailend of Thee Oh Sees, all of OFF! and then finally got to be front row for Odd Future. Granted I was pretty wasted (thnx, R&R!) but this show was fucking INSANELY AMAZING. They were all jumping around (pretty sure Tyler almost stomped my purse but I couldn’t hold it one second longer) and the energy was as catchy as Meningitis doing all my favorites (highlights include EVERYTHING) and I was just so happy to get to be able to finally see them. Fuck the haters, fuck the hype, these dudes are SO damn good. Wish Earl could’ve been there. SWAG.

Who I Missed & Am Now Weeping About – Mind Spiders :: Due to the 1,000 lb stress weight that sits on my chest/shoulders in the weeks heading up to SXSW, which were only multiplied by helping out with a party, I went really light on the scheduling. Which was mostly a good move, I saw a lot that I wanted to, but the one thing I missed was Denton’s Mind Spiders, who have written and released one of my favorite albums this year. Also, one of the cherished and famed Denton bands Uptown Bums played with them during SXSW. Apparently they were really good during SXSW as well. See?

Worst – The Sandwitches @ Eastbound and Down :: I’m not gonna spend time discussing how much I didn’t like them, but I was pretty disappointed because I was really coming around to some of the songs off their forthcoming album, but I think in the end… I just don’t get it. And the shrieking at the end of the set… did not sit well with me. Shame, because their name is my favorite thing.

Favorite New Discovery – TRMRS :: I wrote about this HERE, but these guys are really, really good and their crowds are nothing like the most boring crowd award below. Their Saturday show, which I will write more about, just before Shannon & The Clams was FUCKING amazeballs and ridiculous, and that’s what I love about them.

Most Boring Crowd – Black Lips @ Vice Party, Club Deville :: I usually look to Black Lips to be a crowd in which I can push and get pushed like the maniac that I love to be for about 3 days during the year. This show did not work out in that vein. Especially because they were after OFF! which people were going pretty mad to. Oh well.

Awesomest Cover – Some Band – A Daniel Johnston song :: I’m perfectly aware that I have absolutely no information about the band that was playing this. It was at the House Party at which I saw School Knights, and they were this rad little hippie duo who wore drug rugs and fucking RIPPED through tons of instrumentals before playing this Daniel Johnston cover, which of course, I don’t know the name of. I think the fact that I know nothing, plus there was like >20 people there… makes this the most fucking underground moment of SXSW, but it was really really rad. I wish you guys could’ve seen it.

Worst Cover :: Some Shitty Band Covering Cee-Lo’s ‘Fuck You’ - On Sunday night we were going to like, Shakespeares Pub or something and as were walking we hear literally the worst cover of ‘Fuck You’ I’ve ever heard. So if you were playing approximately 9pm somewhere on 6th street, and covering this — FUCK YOU!

Worst thing – Burger Saturday Night Shut Down By Cops/Moved :: This was so tragic. Taylor and I trekked up past 50th for this Burger House party on Saturday night with King Tuff, Audacity and Shannon & The Clams. Like, 20 minutes after we got there, however, the cops came and shut everything the fuck down. We waited around for at least 30 minutes to see if it would get moved or go back on. We were super disappointed to hear that but we raced downtown to get to the Vice Late Night Party only to find out later that the show was moved and DID go on.

Best Hotdog – Chupacabra :: I ate a lot of street-dogs this year. Last year it was my biggest mistake not to have one until the Saturday night and I’ve been haunted by the memory of that amazing taste. Before you say so, I know street-dogs exist elsewhere but they just don’t taste the same as when you can look at the Frost Building. Chupacabra had the best (read: most) amount of Ketchup so I choose them. Thank you.

Best Celeb Sighting – Aziz Ansari @ Fat Possum’s I’m An Alcoholic & I Hate You :: A few weeks ago when Aziz Ansari was in London, I tweeted about how I wanted a ticket and he DM’d me and hooked an American sista abroad up with tickets, so I thanked him as he cruised into Fat Possum’s party to catch Mellowhype and Bass Drum of Death.