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I love doing year end roundup coverage and I’m still waiting to put up the bands to watch list, so I thought we’d highlight some of the great bands we discovered over the past year. Some of them made our 2011 bands to watch list, some of them didn’t, some of them aren’t even NEW but rest assured they all rule. As per the usual, you can download a great mp3 from each of the bands at the links.

The Strangers Family Band

Les Rallizes Denudes
Best Coast
Happy Birthday

Caitlin Rose
Eternal Summers
Wild Palms
White Fence
Cloud Nothings
Hey Sholay
The Invisible Hand

Fair Ohs
Monster Rally
Family Trees
Silver Machine
Hot Spa
Fergus & Geronimo
The Jim Jones Revue
Jeffertitti’s Nile
Mind Spiders
Shimmering Stars
Young Sinclairs
Son of Rams
The N.E.C
Velvet Davenport
Dominant Legs
The Splinters
The Vaccines
The Babies
Las Robertas
Heavy Hawaii
Francois & The Atlas Mountains
Myelin Sheaths
Pete Drake
Mess Folk
Black Mekon
Man The Hunter
Navajo Bixby
Demon’s Claws
French Kissing
Whatever Brains
The Castillians
Bass Drum of Death
Dead Ghosts
Sonny & The Sandwitches
Crusaders of Love
Bleeding Knees Club
Straight Arrows
Hello My Name Is Red
Sauna Youth
School Knights
Tree Hopping
The Meanest Boys
Ghost Outfit

And due to high demand you can download a track from each artist put into a zip folder right here.

Oh god, how is it the end of October already? That is terrifying. Literally. This month has been pretty rad though – I’ve discovered a lot of great tunes this month, and I give many props to the people who have been funnelling it into my ears. Next month’s gonna be pretty unreal, but October has done me pretty good. Also of note: I’ve spent the entire month with a massive bruise on my arm. So, now that you have that absolutely retarded information, check out the mixtape below.

Also, PS. Isn’t that photo the best thing ever? A pug and a French Bulldog together? It’s like my dream life.

01 Cheveu – Lola Langusta
02 Heavy Hawaii – Philly Games
03 Shimmering Stars – I’m Gonna Try
04 Wetdog – Lower Leg
05 Cults – Go Outside
06 Crusaders of Love – Good time ALL the time
07 Beach Fossils – Sometimes
08 Navajo Bixby – Down Under
09 Swampmeat – Right Here
10 Black Mekon – Backseat Bebe
11 Myelin Sheaths – Half Wit
12 Tennis – South Carolina (Daytrotter Session)
13 Pete Drake – I’m Just A Guitar (Everybody Picks On Me)

mp3 | Nu Rave Brain Wave October 2010 Mix

Do you remember the last band you legitimately discovered via Myspace? And I mean purely by clicking through people’s friends and top 8′s and shit, browsing for a good band — not just googling a band you’d heard of and checking out their myspace. Well, if you don’t, at least I do! Because, mainly, it was yesterday. This time I managed to click through and stumble upon London’s Wetdog. They’re a relatively new trio made up of Sarah, Billy and Rivka are, I guess, a band that haven’t found that much buzz yet, but in all liklihood will (comment on how shitty London’s music scene is reserved for later). Cynicism nonwithstanding, ‘Lower Leg’ off 2009′s Frauhaus! and now being re-released as a single is magical. The bassline and the vocals are funky, catchy as hell and strangely simple but wonderful little bit of post-punk ‘revivalism’ — I guarantee you’ll get this stuck in your head. Tip to make it more enjoyable: when the girls shout “Oh! Oh” do some sort of jazz hands movement. It’s awesome.

mp3 | [download id="170" format="2"]